Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fool for Love

I think that this may be the first Holliday event that I actually try to complete. All of the other ones have been kinda 'meh' to me, but for some reason I want this one. Perhaps it is the fact that I am a real life romantic. Also, the title is awesome and ridiculous.

Another thing I like about the Holliday so far is that it seems extremly simple to do. You run around, give out cards, and get stuff. I thought about doing the Elder ones, but the fact that I have to run all over the entire damn world was a bit of a turnoff to me.

Next reason I am going to do it is my fiance. She doesnt have any titles or anything yet, and I think it would be a fitting title, since it was love that got her into this WoW mess to start with :)

I can actually see a nice profit to be made off of all of the little pieces for the intant gratification people. Probably especially from the Darnassus pieces.

Have you guys and gals been running around during all of the Hollidays? I have one friend who I think has done all of the Holliday achievements up to this point (maybe two if Occeleta actually got around to finishing the elders).

Achievements are great for those times that you dont really have anything else to do (a.k.a raiding or leveling other toons), or you are just burned out on the mentioned activities (throw farming into that bunch as well).


Occeleta said...

I have the hallowed, Xmas and I finished the Lunar. Can't wait to get then Valentines one done so I can focus on gearing up again maybe even finish off leveling my Hunter.

Dink said...

This is the one world event I'm not going to do. :)

Darraxus said...

My weekend will be a balance between trying to get into pug raids, leveling with the fiance, and trying to do the holliday events along with my damn dailies. So many things to do 0_0

Syrana said...

I'm working on this one as much as I can.... as I do with all the events. I did make a nice fast 100g last night by selling 2 completed UC gifts to someone yellin' about 'em.