Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What do you do with limited play time?

I know a lot of you out there have limited play time due to work and family much the same I do. What do you do with the time that you have to play?

The order I usually do things is look for a pug raid, then see if anyone needs anything from the guild. After that I will either farm (for money or for a rare drop aka the Baron's mount) or I will log onto an Alt to level. The thing about having limited time is that you cant just do what some people do with their unlimited time. I cant just sit around in trade channel and tell Chuck Norris jokes. 

I play this game for fun, but I have a very clinical approach to it. If I am going to be wasting my time, I want to waste it in a productive manner.

How do you guys manage your time in game?


Anonymous said...

I try to be incredibly focused on any goals I have worked out before hand.

I expect when i get closer to 80, this will involve a round of dailies (once per week, so I guess I will have to do them).

At present it's just all about the questing.

However, it is amazing how often the wheels fall of the mechanostrider.

Before I know it I have hearthed to some newbie zone to pick up some alliance rep, then suddenly I am hightailing it around a zone to clear the black spots.

Then... well with achievements it's way too easy to get sidetracked... so I am finding my 5-6 hours of play time becomes about 3-4 hours of level grinding, and the rest is... well, I guess it is wasted.

Ironshield said...

At least 30-40 mins goes to the bank toon right away. There is an entire commerce chain that has to occur associated with bringing in at least 200g a day.

Since I just decided to re-do the professions on 3 toons, there is the obligatory time spent leveling them.

All the while, I am in queue for whatever ails me that day and especially if there is a quest I need to complete in an instance.

Then I quest/do an instance (if time permits).

Some days are tight for time - ugly - so I bank, grind and log. Banking and leveling professions every day makes them happen very quickly. And you get a lot of sense of accomplishment from hitting 450 prof!

thedoctor said...

I usually have about 30-40 minutes of wow time before I go into work. I usually spend that time sorting out items on my toons or telling chuck norris jokes in trade channel....

...while leveling up my fishing of course!

I actually HATE chuck jokes, so that was a lie. However, I do like to level my fishing during this limted time.

Also, world events are great ways to get that accomphlished feeling with limited playing time.

HolyGhost said...

I am an alt fanatic. If I have a limited time amount I will pop in on one of my various alts and knock out some rested xp.

I like to have a character of every class so I better understand the abilities of the classes I am grouped with.

Knowing what every class is capable of puts you in a much better position for pvp also.

I don't mind losing at pvp here and there, I am usually a prot warrior or holy pally. But I will not accept being raped because I didn't take the time to educate myself on what I was up against.

So alt's rested xp ftw on limited time days for me.

Coincidently, Chuck Norris was watching t.v. one day and the Trix commercial came on.

He got so pissed he went around the world kicking little kids in the face screaming "Trix Are For Chuck Norris!!"

Occeleta said...

Ok, so when you say you don't sit around telling Chuck Norris jokes in trade. Does that also mean you don't replace movie titles with Murloc, ie. The Murloc Bride, Murlocballs, Driving Miss Murloc and Murloc Saints. To name a few.

And how about the anal jokes that popped up with the ability to link spells. Anal [Rupture], anal [Blood Tap] and [Devastate] anal.

You don't participate in those?

Darraxus said...

Lol no. Those were even worse that Chuck Norris...although I must admit the anal ones gave me a chuckle or two. I cant believe that Scarlet Crusade is an RP server 0_0

Tom said...

Check the wintergrasp timer (i try once a day most days) Check the daily BG... if it's SOTA or EOTS I'll pick it up and run it.

Look for arena partners do some 2's or 3's... run a few dailies...log

Oh.. if time permits I'll look for a 10 or 25 man VoA

Syrana said...

I don't usually have my time mapped out. Heh. I usually check auctions on my bank alt first, then check gbank for any needed reorganization. (I'm anal about the bank and thus am the banker :P)

Then it sorta depends which guildies are on or if my husband is playing.. that's how I'll determine which toon to play.

I waste a lot of time while wasting time, I suppose...

Goshon said...

While I do have a fair amount of time to play during the week, I cannot log on without doing something. I'm unable to just idle in a city chatting with the people in my guild, I'm unable to just sit around inspecting every person that walks around. I have to be productive.

Which usually leads to me making money if I am not running a group. My main toon only needs one single item available in game right now, and that is from Heroic KT, so there is no material gain from running dungeons (heroic/regular) or doing 10-man raids. However, I do run them, as often as possible, as its something to do, regardless of the fact that any semblance of challenge has been gone for a while.

If I'm not in a dungeon, then I'm taking the time to make money, whether its for the guild bank, or my personal coffers.

I know a lot of people that will log on and just chat away for hours, as they sit on their mount parked somewhere in the world. They don't move for long stretches of time. I personally just can't commit to it. If I have nothing to do at all, I just log off, and find something else to fill my discretionary time.