Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, first thing, I got a link over on WoW Insider which put my traffic through the roof )-). Thanks to everybody who came and left comments with some great feedback. Also special thanks to Megs and BRK (fo shizzle) for the original links. Now onto that weekend in WoW.

Raiding: None to speak of this weekend. Tried getting into a pug OS 25, with no luck. I had already finished Archavon 25 and part of Naxx 25 earlier in the week, so I knew that raiding was gonna be slim pickins unless I wanted to go to 10 man versions of Naxx or Archavon (I really didnt).

Questing: I actually did quite a lot of questing and suck over the weekend. Most of it was with my fiance, who hit 71 on her now Boomkin. I got to 75 on my Resto Druid as well. We have been having a lot of fun running around killing stuff. I think she has really found her niche as a Boomkin. I rand the Zul Drak Ring of Anguish Quest with my former Ret Pally arena partner (now on a 2100 rated 2v2 team). While doing it, a couple of Horde were helping us out killing the bosses. Once I finished, the Horde were only on the second fight. Since they had been nice enough to help, I stuck around and helped them take down the bosses (which included me dying on the last boss). They thanked me afterwards. Sometimes it is nice to help the other faction. Sharing us caring :)

Dungeons: I ran a dungeon or two on my main over the weekend (Got My Girl Likes to Skadi all the Time achievement in Heroic UP), but I spent quite a lot of time in instances with my Druid and my pally. My fiance also took a trip thru the Nexus with me and did 1200 dps in her first instance as DPS at level 70. Not too shabby at all. Last night I got into a regular Violet Hold with some guildies that was ridiculously easy thanks to the fact that we had a T7 Pally tank and a Ret Pally doing over 3.5k DPS. Also included was our Raid Leader, Trypod, on his level 75 Shaman that took him about one week to get to that level 0_0. I also did a couple of dungeons on my Ret Pally, who is ridiculously fun to play.

Damn you Strat: Yes...the Baron's mount has still not dropped for me. It is rather irritating. I still farm it from time to time, but it is starting to get very annoying. Myself and another friend may start two manning ZG for shots at those mounts as well as Heroic Sethekk Halls for the Raven Mount.

Also, Damn you Sewer Rat: Still have not caught that little (big) bastard yet either. Spent about another 30 minutes fishing in the Dalaran which is really more than I care to spare on the damn thing.

Reputation and Achievements: I parked myself in Moaki Harbor last night as I was one daily away from exalted with the Kaluak. I gathered my pups um and got that achievment along with the 10 exalted reputations one. I picked up the fishing pole and the penguin egg, which also finally gave me the 50 pet achievement and the Skunk pet, Stinker. If you obtain a Stinker and see a Bombay Cat pet around, pull out Stinker and watch the Pepe Le Pew reference :)
Overall, it was a very fun weekend. Hope all of the purples flowed like wine for the rest of you over the weekend!


Herc said...

Wow your still going for the Baron mount?

I gave up after 3 days of trying!

Most people I know who have a Baron mount are DKs ...

Darraxus said...

I hope you mean their Archerus Deathcharger. Dont know why a DK would want a different version of the mount they get for free 0_0

Yeah, still going after it, though I usually only do 2-3 runs before I get tired of it.

Herc said...

I'm not kidding =P I've seen at LEAST 5 DKs(horde and ally) with the Baron mount.

Syrana said...

Congrats on Stinker! I'm still a few pets away from getting that lil' rascal.