Thursday, February 26, 2009

Argent Tournament is coming....time for some rep grinding

The Argent tournament is coming. This will be a new and exciting part of the game (hopefully) with some cool rewards. It looks like you will receive tokens of some sort to buy special items such as 250 tokens for a mount and 40 for a pet (it looks like only 25 for an epic weapon 0_0). This also appears to be somewhat rep based. I could be completly wrong, but I think you can represent your own race (Dwarf for IF, Human for SW etc.) unless of course you are exalted with the other factions. Then it looks like you will be able to represent them as well and obtain their tabard, mount, and pet. It also looks like there will be some kind of rep token reward for something in the Argent Tournament that will give you 250 rep towards the major city faction you want.

Will all of the in mind, I have started running around and doing any low level quests I missed. I figured that at the very least, if all of the changes by patch day, I will still get the Ambassador title, and perhaps even Seeker. I did a pretty good job my first time through the Eastern Kingdoms and have less than 200 quests to complete the quest achievement. On the other hand, I am 170/700 on Kalimdor 0_0.

Does anybody know if the secondary factions like Argent Dawn and Thorium Brotherhood in Searing Gorge give any reputation bleedoff to the main factions. I want to know exactly where I should go quest. I suppose I could look on Wowhead or something. Right now I am polishing off a few quests I missed in Duskwood. After that, there were 3 quests that I missed for Deadmines. I actually had a few quests to complete in Elwynn Forrest as well....including having NEVER KILLED HOGGER!!!!!! How the hell did I never kill hogger? I have killed him on every single character I have ever played. I have killed Hogger on Darraxus the help people out....yet I never finshed the quest *facepalm*.

That is what I did mostly with my playtime last night. I also got into a very quick Archavon 25 which dropped a bunch of junk that I was not at all interested in. At least I got me two emblems.

In other news, I have decided to pick up Jewelcrafting on my Druid. I have been mining Copper and Tin while completing these lowbie quests and sending them to my druid. I will probably also pick up inscription on his sometime down the road. Both of these professions make good money and are both very alt friendly.

Have any of you dont the ridiculous rep grind. I leveled pre BC on Darraxus, so my reputation is not has high as I would like it. Any pointers besides the cloth turn-ins would be greatly appreciated.


Vads said...

I'm not alliance but got ambassador for my orc warrior. I'm fairly sure you dont get any rep at all with your cities by doing the minor reputation quests.

Crank out all the lowbie quests you can find, quickest and cheapest rep you get, and then it gets worse with AV farming or even worse.. runecloth hand ins. Good luck :)

Darraxus said...

Bleh. Did not really want to do either AV turn ins or Runecloth, but if it comes down to it I guess I will. I havent touched the starting areas for exodar and Darnassus, so there should be a lot of rep to be gained there.

Dorgol said...

Vads is correct: the other reputations give nothing towards your home reputations.

Also, don't expect a massive amount of rep from the Exodar starting zone. For storyline reason, a good majority of those quests are limited to Draenei characters.

Darraxus said...

I have vast expanses of Kalimdor I havent touched, so that should be at least some help.

kyrilean said...

Go to It's a rep calculator and at least will point you in the right direction with each of the factions.

Darraxus said...

Sweet, thanks. I will have to check it out later today.