Friday, February 6, 2009

All other classes the new Huntards?

Obviously this is not the case, but I have been running into increasingly more Mages (and other players) that make you say, huh?

The last few mages I have run with have done the following:

1) backed into mobs we purposely missed, getting himself killed
2) Got me saved to a cleared 25 man raid instance
3) Got killed 15 times in a Naxx 10 man. About double the next closest and triple the next one down from that.
4) Pulled the next group of mobs with a frostfire bolt
5) Pulled the next group of mobs with their face
6) Stood in the fire in every fight that had fire

This is just a few mages, but COME ON!!!! The mage class has usually seemed to be the smart DPS class. The one who had to keep up CC and do a good amount of DPS as well. Have also classes gotten dumber since CC went the way of the Dodo?

This doesnt just apply to mages obviously. There are plenty of other noobs out there doing stupid things such as:

1) The Rogue who stealths into a group of mobs only to realize he isnt stealthed at all.
2) The Warlock who opens a pull with mutiple seeds of corruption before the mobs get back to the tank.
3) The Hunter who lays down an immolation trap rather than a freezing trap.
4) The Holy Priest who thinks it is ok to pull mobs for the tank with SWP.

It is like when CC was basically removed, it caused everyone to become a lot dumber. This may be a bad sign for when Ulduar comes out if it is indeed much harder. If people need to start CCing again, this may be a pretty steep RE-LEARNING curve.

I guess that is what I get for mostly pugging 0_0


Occeleta said...

Pretty sure it's a combination of no more CC pulls and the general ease of the game right now that allows for safer pugs. There Is still going to be that tard player on occasion, he just stands out more since majority of pugging nowadays are usually successful.

Hudson said...

Its not just the classes, its the general player base that came back, never ran a 5 man and rolled a DK and now have no inclination of grouping tactics.

All of WoW at this point is on a elementary school intelligence level it seems

Darraxus said...

I am pretty sure that a 5 year old could play as well as some people. I would imagine many of these terrible people dont even know how to install an addon.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a friend let his 7 year old play his mage in a 5 man. Also run battlegrounds for hours.

Darraxus said...

I remember getting into a Gnomer instance once where they had the in-game speech on and I am pretty sure the kid was actually 5.

Anonymous said...

A guildie of mine said it best back when BC came out. "in this expansion there will be people who made it all the way to level 70 without having ever raided"

Same applies now. You learn things in raiding that make you a better player overall, and since alot of the things that made classes harder to play well have been changed beyond all recognition the basic skillset of players has changed drastically from year to year.

Darraxus said...

That is true. People change their mains and level to 80 without having really grouped or raided with that particular toon.

Fish said...

LMAO, seriously, I was laughing here at work.

I think when cc was "removed" (not as much removed but rendered unnecessary) this little thing called tactics was thrown out the window and replaced with "ZOMGINEEDTOBETHETOPOFTHEDPSLIST!!!!!"

Darraxus said...

Glad I could contribute some work time laughs (as long as it didnt make everyone around you think you are crazy).

Syrana said...

3) The Hunter who lays down an immolation trap rather than a freezing trap.

LMAO Not that long ago I was in a group where the hunter was asked to trap. The hunter asked "immolate or freezing?"

And they were serious.

They thought both were CC options.


Pangoria Fallstar said...

My 5 year old plays a warlock, he can even do the quests by himself without reading the quest log. Yay questhelper.

Also, alot of times I've been playing with a mage or warrior I know is good, and they're playing badly, it turns out it's they're little brother playing.

Also, survival hunters would be laying down immolate for damage, right? Though not if asked to CC. Don't forget, they had early survival have several melee options, and alot of it still does. So many hunters see this and think that a melee style hunter is a choice.

Anonymous said...

Any time a class becomes the new PvP "op" flavor of the month, it brings out all the idiots...usually they are children, sometimes not, but either way you can usually even tell within a few lines of chat text if they of the type.

Anonymous said...

I'm sometimes one of the tards. It depends on how tired I am and how stressful the event is. Cut us tards some slack will 'ya?

Once I fell off a cliff and died and then ran in circles and couldn't find my corpse, so I finally had the spirit healer revive me. When I went back into the area, I found the place where I bit it almost immediately. It was almost directly in front of the graveyard where I had just been revved!

Tessy said...

I don't think I am a tard but I do make mistakes sometimes.

I've stealthed away to sap mobs only to realise too late that I'm not stealthed, I've tab-targetted when dotting and accidentally targetted a mob in another pack and pulled the lot, I've misclicked on Psycic Scream instead of Fade, well, you get the picture :-)

I usually play without making too many mistakes but sometimes shit just happens.

Maybe your mages had a string of bad luck lagwise or bad spell detail settings?

Darraxus said...

Obviously people make mistakes sometimes, but it just seems like it is much more common. Sometimes they are good for a laugh, but more often they are a source of terrible annoyance.