Thursday, February 5, 2009

Change of plans can be good

Yesterday, I played a bit with my fiance, questing in Terrokar forrest. We both dinged 64 and she is half way to 65 at the moment. She is having fun and getting better. We did not die once despite the fact that I was chain pulling multiple mobs. She enjoys healing, but I really think that she will enjoy balance due to the fact that her favorite spell is Hurricane :).

After we were done playing and I put her to bed, I logged on to my warrior to do dailes and see if there were any heroic raids I could get into. Before I really even got started with my dailies, I got a whisper asking if I wanted to tank 10 man Naxx. I said sure, and off I went.

As I checked the raid, I noticed the mage that saved me to a cleared Heroic Archavon the week before was in the raid. I think that his actions thorughout the raid possibly proved that he is just dumb and was not thinking when he saved everyone to that cleared instance.

This run ended up being my first one night clear of Naxx 10. Everything went pretty smoothly, and I main tanked several encounters for the first time. When we killed Thadius, I got the achivement for clearing the Construct Quarter as well as regular "The Fall of Naxxramas".

All in all, I got some emblems as well as a sidegrade tanking weapon (Slayer of Lifeless) and my T7 DPS shoulders. Unfortunately, most of the items ended up being sharded. There were a ton of drops that nobody wanted including some weak DPS gloves that dropped off of Grobbulus and Gluth consecutively.

Overall, it was a good night as there were not too many wipes. We never wiped more than one time on any boss. We had two interesting attempts on KT at the end. The first one ended when the DK got iceblocked and chained it to me, killing me. Several raid members died before the offtank picked him up and it ended up being a wipe.

The next attempt, the offtank DCed....and then died somehow. This left me picking up all of the adds as they came out. It ended up going just fine as we downed him on this attempt.

At this point, the only reason I really go into Naxx 10 is for some emblems and for the chance to upgrade my DPS set. I hope to get into some 25 man action this weekend (I still have not done Archavon this week). I am still 8 emblems short of upgrading my tanking boots.


Ironshield said...

"After we were done playing and I put her to bed, I logged on ... "

Hmmm... me thinks you need to better understand your options dear friend!! = )~

But we digress, gratz on clearing on the quick and also on finding some 'closure' to the dumb ass mage.

Kinzlayer said...

I'm with Ironshield; I question your priorities, hehehe.

How long was the clear? There's plenty of pug Naxx on my servers but typically full of M&S, at least the normal version, so we end up only getting Spider and Plague. Heroics usually goes a bit better as the M&S are weed out by those groups.

Darraxus said...

Well, I dont go to bed when she does or I would be going to sleep at 6pm lol. I actually have certain nights that I play and other nights that are spent with my lady. Works out pretty well so far :)