Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Farm spot for Engineers

I have not seen this on any other blog, so I figured I would make a post about it. This is obviously for high level engineers. In the Borean Tundra, right outside of the Fizzcrank Airstrip is a bunch of robo guys. When you kills these things, you get to loot them for thei vendor trash and can engineer them for more vendor trash and other items. In just 30 minutes of farming I got the following items:

11 x overgyrated gears 1 gold 90 silver
58 x stripped sprocket 9 gold 6 silver
33 x sprung whirlygig 1 gold 43 silver
36 x whizzed out gizmo 2 gold 81 silver
22 x sprung sprocket 2 gold 61 silver
1 x Icy Mail Circlet 1 gold 38 silver.

That is just the vendor trash that dropped totalling 19 gold 32 silver

The useful items are the engineering items that dopped and their auction house values.

20 x Handful of Cobalt Bolts - 90 gold on the AH
5 x Frosteel Tubes - 118 gold on the AH
19 x Volatile Blasting Triggers - 115 gold on the AH.

That comes out to a whopping 323 gold for those items. This was all done in 30 minutes, and looks like it could net you close to 700 gold per hour. Not bad at all. This is of course assuming that all of those engineering items sell at that price.


Ysis (Blackhand) said...

I farmed this area for the triggers as I was leveling up my engineering, but didn't realize the money that can be made in here. I really don't know the prices of these items in my server, but if they look anything like the ones in yours I will definitely make some time during the week to farm for 30-60 mins.

btw, got here thru a link from BRK. Nice site.

Darraxus said...

Unfortunately, a lot of the items look like slow sellers on my server. I will probably try to make the left overs into engineering goodies. The Frosteel Tubes sold fairly fast at 26 gold a pop though.

Orgauth said...

In a similar vein, Library Guardians in Storm Peaks (very near the NW flight point in the zone) offer the same sort of trash and engineering drops (though I haven't seen a froststeel tube yet) as the area near Fizzcrank, but with an added bonus: Relics of Ulduar at a 33% drop rate. Not as nice a drop rate as some other mobs in the zone, but not terrible either.