Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update

Another fun filled weekend of WoW (and Valentines day IRL). It really felt like I was doing a lot, but at the same time not doing much at all 0_0.

Valentine's Event: This event was shorter than all of the other World Events, but it was also the first one that I even attempted to complete. I ended up finishing the achivement the day before it ended, doing the final Pity of the Love Fool and mending the last of the hearts I needed. At the last minute, my fiance sees Peddlefoot and decides she wants one. Unfortunately, no Truesilver arrow for her (or any of my toons for that matter....what the fuzz).

I got my title and some little fun extras to boot. I got 5 picnic baskets and two black dresses. The black dresses will get sold in a bit when the Holliday is not fresh. They go for a very decent amount on my server due to it being an RP server. My fiance even got herself a romantic picnic basket!

Raiding: Raiding took a back seat this weekend to all of the other stuff. The only raid I did was Vault 25, and when it started, it was full of utter and complete fail. Great tanking, great healing, but the DPS was just not there. There were only 8 people breaking 2k DPS. Bringing up the rear was a level 80 prot warrior with 18k health doing 450 DPS.....WTF!!! He got booted by the raid leader after 3 low percentage wipes due to hitting the enrage timer (including 1 percent and 4 percent wipes). When he got kicked, about 4 of his guild members in the raid left as well. Damn emo RP guilds. If you cant be more than dead weight, dont show up. We eventually replaced the defectors and downed him easily on one shot.

Leveling: I spent a good chunk of the weekend leveling with my fiance. We quested in Nagrand until she hit 67, then I figured I would run her thru some instances. We picked up a couple of pugs and I ended up running Mana Tombs a few times and Sethekk Halls once. Before long, she dinged 68 and she headed to SW where I met her with my 73 Druid to go over to Borean Tundra. At first she did not care for leveling with my Druid because I am a "better druid" than her. Of course, she is still just learning the game, but she is getting better every day. By the end of the weekend, I had hit 74 on my Druid and she got to 70 on hers (and a whole bunch of upgrades from quests). She was not digging some of the quests areas in Borean (namely the Penis Rock Kaluak area), but that changed when we hit the Murloc area. The one where you get to where the Murloc suit was her favorite quest in the entire game so far.

Other Random Stuff: Not a whole lot else went on for me over the weekend as far as WoW goes. I got the emblem of valor tanking boots after we killed Archavon, which is a huge upgrade over my Titansteel Treads. I only did all of my dailies one day, so I still have a ways to go with both the Kaluak and Hodir (16500 of revered with Kaluak and 11500 of revered with Hodir). I spent less time making money over the weekend and did absolutely zero farming. I am sure that this will change since there will be no time consuming holliday events over the weekend. Anybody know what Holliday is coming up next?

Hope everyone had a fun loot filled weekend!

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