Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a fairly busy weekend in WoW, though once again I did not get near as much raiding in as I would have liked. I am hoping to get into an Archavon 25 when I get home, but I am not going to hold my breath on it.

Raiding: Over the weekend, I did all of two raids. I did an Archavon 10 man with my old guild. Nothing really to report here as Archavon is a giant loot pinata. Got my two emblems and LOLed at the two pieces of Warlock gear that dropped with no Warlock present.

The other one I did was a pug raid of OS 25. Not a lot to report here either. I got my 4 emblems, we downed everything with no problem, and I got out.

Questing: As far as questing on my main, it was all about the dailies. Cooking daily, Hodir Dailies, and Kaluak Dailies. I am about a quarter or so through revered with Hodir and over half way through revered with the Kaluak. Woohoo for grinding. By the way, the Sons of Hodir are dirty. Not just because they look like a giant version of everyones pervy uncle Frank. Among their quests are Thrusting the Spear, Polishing the Helm, and Blowing the Horn......yeah....dirty.

Leveling: I was very glad to get in a bit of leveling over the weekend. My Druid has now hit level 73. Most of the experience for the last level was from Dungeons rather than questing. Most of them have been pugs, but all have gone pretty smoothly and I am really enjoying healing. Questing with the Druid feels slow, but it honestly is going as fast as on my Warrior. Just feels like it takes a while to kill things. I ran into another Huntard while doing the instances on my Druid. In our first group, he was just a fill in when we couldnt get a fifth person for AN. Despite being 3 levels higher, he did about 400 DPS less than our other Hunter.

After our successful run (and the last boss which consisted of said Hunter standing on every spike he could), I went into LFG for Nexus. The same Hunter invited me to group and then starts inviting other pugs. After we fill out the DPS, I mention that we just need a tank. The Hunter replies "And a healer". To which I reply "I just healed you in AN 2 minutes ago....I am a healer 0_0" He replied with "Oh, LOL". By the time the group actually filled up, I left because it had fail written all over it. The Hunter also didnt know where Nexus was.

Over the weekend, I did some more leveling with the fiance, which leaves my Hunter and her Druid sitting at 66. She wants to get the Wrath Expansion and head to Northrend at level 68. Of course the reason she want to do this is so that she can go to Dalaran and buy the Toy Train Set. She is becoming a decent healer and is a lot of fun to level with. Possibly the highlight of the leveling came in Nagrand at Telaar. I was crossing the thin bridge on the east side of Telaar with her behind. Well, she lagged and flew off the bridge and into the abyss :) I had a good laugh at that and showed her how to get back up.

Misc Stuff: I earned some more pretty useless achivements over the weekend. One of them was the 100 Dalaran cooking awards, and the other was "Tastes Like Chicken" for eating 50 different dishes. I rather like the Achievements as it gives you something to do when you have nothing to do.

I also tried fishing up that damn sewer rat again. No luck.....again. I seriously hate that damn thing. I really dont want to dedicate several hours in a row to trying to catch the little bastard.

Well, it was another fun filled WoW weekend. I hope everyone else had their fill of loot.


Esdras said...

Seems you have has a pretty mello week.

Wish mine was like that instead of all the uncertainty with guild etc /sigh.

Oh well never mind though.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, thankfully I have a very chill and laid back guild. Not a lot of drama. It is also nice to have a few toons out of guild as well.

Kusamoto said...

I like your weekend update format. Mind terribly if I steal it for my blog, as well?

Darraxus said...

Of course not. Use what you like :)

Occeleta said...

When last I saw, you were going to help defend wintergrasp. Surprisingly for the first time. How'd that go? Wish I stayed for OS25 though, I just got tired of WoW for the night real quick and needed a break.

Darraxus said...

About 2 minutes before it started, I hearthed out for some reason lol. Think I farmed for a few minutes until I got invited to OS. I just dont feel like PvP at all. I still havent gone into a BG since the expansion.

Kinzlayer said...

I don't think you are alone on the BG thing. As far as I can tell not a lot of people are going back into the BGs. I surely have not done more then the few Strand of the Ancient, I think that's what it's call, and have not even tried to do the other BGs, just not feeling like killing people mercilessly atm.

Syrana said...

Haha about that hunter. /sigh It's funny and sad all at the same time.

Grats on the 100 cooking awards, I just hit 50 of 'em the other day! Woo!