Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Tips for WoW Valentine's Event

Random crap is random. That is what this Holliday is about for the most part. I still have not gotten a single message candy from my gifts of adoration :(

Anyways, most people will be combining all of the different thing to make gifts for their capital cities which turn into a gift of the Alliance. The hardest ones to get seem to be the regular citizen ones, which consist of the bread in Stormwind, Brew in Ironforge, and the wood craft items in Darnassus.

The easiest method I have found for these is to farm the same person over and over. For Stormwind, from the trade district, run across the canal to the mage district. Go through the arch and to your left up the grassy ramp past the herbalism trainer. Towards the top there will be a man standing with what looks like either a staff or a fishing pole. Stand in front of him with your mammoth mount and wait for the heart to pop up for your bread pieces.

Next is Ironforge. The one that I found zero competition at was in the Battle Room where the different BG masters are. Instead of going up the ramp to the battlemasters, go under them to the back side where the steam tanks are. One of the tank drivers back there gives you the items you need.

In Darnassus, the location I farmed was in a building directly across from the Inn in the tradesman's terrace. This building is two stories. On the upper story are a skinning trainer etc. Next to the skinning trainer is a citizen who will give you the items that you need.

Remeber, this is a short holliday, so you may have to get underhanded (aka not waiting in line for hearts). May the RNG be kind to you over the weekend, and the loot drops be phat!

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