Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend Plans

Well, obviously tommorow is Valentines Day IRL, so I have an elaborate scheme set up for my fiance to discover her present. I am going to put clues to different locations on a bunch of those little cards that lead her to her present. I got her a Douney and Bourke purse, a bunch of different kinds of Reeses (she loves Reeses) and a big ass bag of Jelly Bellys. I am also going to make her some omlettes for breakfast (thinking of trying out a Mexican style omlette with black beans, sour cream, pepperjack cheese, salsa and avocado.)

As far as WoW goes, I have a lot of thing hopefully planned. Of course I want to finish the Valentines event since it is extra short and at least semi-interesting to me.

I will also hopefully be bringing my fiance into Northrend for the very first time. She is 1.5 levels away from Nothrend, and we may get that tonight (if we have time). She will be replacing gear left and right heading into Northrend since she is equipped in 60-66 blues and greens ATM. We are going to hit up Borean Tundra first.

Of course, I also have all of my stuff I do without here. I am hoping to get into some raids over the weekend as I have not done one this whole week. I would prefer to do a Heroic Naxx run, but I only need two more emblems for my boots which I can get from pretty much any 25 man. Mixed with that will be the annoying task of doing MORE DAILIES. Hodir is about halfway thru revered right now and Kaluak is over half. I am really hoping I will not be required to do them too much longer. I will probably get to exalted around the time my Druid needs to start doing Hodir 0_0.

Most of all, I just want to have fun. Playing with my fiance and online friends is where it is at. If I don't get all of those things done, no big deal. As long as I have fun, that is what matters.


Fish said...

Cooking is a good skill to have IRL. We're grilling steak and going to melting pot for dessert, should be good times. My fiance wants an evening with no wow at all, so no wow for me on v-day

Darraxus said...

And it HAD to fall on a Saturday too!

Kinzlayer said...

too bad you can't grind RL's cooking skills like you can IG so I stick to the good old steam Chicken in the Oven skill.

TGAPGeorge said...

I think that's an excellent and very romantic idea to surprise your fiance like that.

Um, to surprise her... heh, so she doesn't read your blog?

Regardless if she does or not, I'm sure she'll love the purse.