Friday, October 9, 2009

Screenshot Friday

Woot. I got my first auction house hate mail! I also sent a copy to Gevlon to post on his "Moron's of the Week" post. I dont know why people do this. Is it out of desperation? You either compete with the competition or you get run over. By the way I sold 40 snowfall ink at my price almost immediately after he messaged me. Then I put up some more.
I buy herbs for 9-12 gold per stack. I usually get AT LEAST 1 snowfall ink per stack of herbs. Selling the snowfall basically pays for the herbs and the glyphs are pretty much pure profit. I make money. He doesnt. That isnt my problem. Perhaps I should have offered to sell the all to him?
Have you gotten any in game hate mail?


Arioch said...

I had a hate conversation via mail!

I'll have to post the screen caps one of these days.

He was upset with me posting greens at profitable prices.

Darraxus said...

Yeah lol, people will literalyl whine about anything. Whining about greens is terribly. Just go quest lol.

Anonymous said...

I was so proud when I got my first hate mail. It was also the first time I made over 1000g in a day. I got a mail message telling me not to undercut by so much and change my fall back price to 80g. I havent seen the sender of that mail post any glyphs for a long time now.

Darth Solo said...

I dunno man, on my server there was a sudden influx of undercutters after the MMO article. I was afraid that they'd f'ed up the whole market because the prices for many glyphs were down to less than 1G. Luckily, I'm not the type to craft 20 of every known glyph so I didn't feel the crunch.

I bid my time and sure enough, a week later all these people got bored or something and left the market. Now, things have picked up again. The only problem is that the serious competition has remained but I still sell a lot of glyphs in spite of that.

Ironshield said...


/sarcasm on

clearly you are a total failure! I mean seriously, you *only* have 192K+ on your bank toon. Do you have *any* clue as to what you are doing?!!!

/sarcasm off

In the eternal words of Mr. T, reference your new found 'pen pal': "I pity the fool!"


Mebbe he should go into herb farming instead and just sell you the mats?!!