Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adversity Breeds Unity (Thanks Rohan!)

Last night, we ran a couple of Heroics as a group. The first group was three of out Formerly known as Lowbies group (Thrasos the Warrior, Beathe the Hunter, my Wife on her Rogue Mowglie). There was also me tanking on Darraxus and my sister healing on her Paladin Vordan.

We basically fudged the ilvl requirement by picking up some PvP gear. We figured we would give the first instance (End Time) a shot. It was certainly a team building exercise.

 The first boss we got was Jaina. Most of the problems we had on this boss was that the trash is a real bitch. Our DPS was low (to be expected), but people did not stand in stuff and we took her down in one shot.

The second boss we got was Tyrande. We ended up wiping twice on this boss and taking her down on the third try. The third boss was especially frustrating, but an epic end made up for it. We ended up wiping around 5 times, with a couple of wipes having him at around 200k health. On the final attempt on that boss, we were doing pretty well....except poor Beathe who died before every single hourglass. It had become a bit of a running joke in the group.

Well, we pop the last hour glass and are on the home stretch. In the 500k range, I go down. NOOOOO. GO GO GO DPS!!!!! My wife gets killed on her Rogue. Thrasos (who is now on his Hunter main Grimir for the DPS boost goes down). That leaves Beathe and my sister healing. Beathe who spent much of the fight admiring the ground. Well, she managed to kite around a bit and took down the boss! Good god that was close. My wife got a shiny new dagger. Sadly for Thrasos, the tank chest dropped while he was in there on his Hunter.

After this, we got the entire Lowbie group back together for a regular Heroic and got Throne of Winds or whatever the fuck it is called. These fights once again took the trial and error for us to take them down. On the first boss, we wiped once before taking him down. When he went down, our tank had just died. Whew. Another close one. The AOE damage on that guy is a bitch.

We moved on, and despite some teeth clenching moments with the trash that drops hurricanes everywhere, we made it to the second boss. We ended up wiping once before taking him down. Poor wife died both times as I was in triage mode trying to conserve a bit of mana and was in the damn debuff zone both times.

Lastly, we got to our old nemesis. The static cling boss. He was a real son of a bitch for us back in the day. We ended up wiping once before taking him down. The second time felt fairly easy with nobody dying. At out current overall gear levels, the old Heroics actually feel somewhat challenging....which I dont really mind. I had more fun doing those intstances last night than I do just face rolling through them. We worked on good CC and playing out classes properly. Adversity breeds unity.

On a side note....what the fuck is wrong with blogger. All of my posts show up in giant blobs now instead on split up like I type it (THANKS TO ROHAN, THIS HAS BEEN FIXED!)


Rohan said...

Are you typing in Compose mode or HTML mode?

If you're in HTML mode (maybe you clicked the toggle accidentally), you have to explicitly put "br" tags to create line breaks.

Or just switch back to Compose mode and type normally. The toggle is in the top left part of the action bar.

Darraxus said...

That did it!

Thanks, that was driving me crazy.