Monday, April 9, 2012


This weekend became a Noblegarden weekend. It also became a weekend where I basically played my wife's toons almost exclusively.

First, she did not want to do the Easter Eggs, but she really wanted to mount. Joy. I ended up getting 380 chocolate eggs before the mount ended up dropping out of an egg.

One of our friends got it on her 130ish egg. My sister got two mounts on two different characters within 30 eggs total. Girl luck I say.

After that, I figured I would get enough chocolates for my wife's mage (level 29) to at least pick up the Rabbit Polymorph Tome since she really likes it. Well, turns out it will not even let you purchase the damn thing unless you are level 60. Previously, you could purchase it and save it until you hit 60 (which is what I did on my mage). Well I guess there is next year.....nope, time to level up to 60.

I spent much of the day leveling up that damn mage. She now sits at level 40. 11 levels in one day with only two heirlooms seems like a pretty decent jump. I dont think we will have any issues getting the mage to 60 before Sunday.

I do not want to see another Colorful Easter Egg. Ever.


Hyperious said...

Sweet Jesus, I've got some of the same feelings on Noblegarden. I just finished ranting about it in my blog. I never want to see another stupid happy freakin' egg again. I'll smash them all!

Anonymous said...

I dont know guys, if I could manage to get my wife to play this game with me, I would happily grind away to help her get all the pets/mounts she could ever want. Such is life, my wife is a true anti-gamer. APPRICIATE YOURS IS A GAMER!!!!

Darraxus said...

Ha, I certainly do appreciate her being a gamer....that doesnt mean that I want to do monotonous chores!

She got me my mount today on around 80 HOORAY!

Anonymous said...

Wow i didnt even realize they dropped the mounts from the eggs, a friend and i just grinded out 500 a piece and bought from the vender. Talk about bad luck!

Hollers said...

Haha, Darr, was 2 eggs for first mount I think was like 22 for the second toon. Sad thing is, they aren't my toons. I really want one on my paladin, but I won't be able to afford a game card till after easter is over.

Mabaho said...

Don't forget the daily egg fragment quest gives xp... about 6% at 57 for my lock.

'cause I know how much you want to see more eggs :)