Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, there was quite a lot of stuff going on this weekend. First, there was the Diablo 3 open Beta, which meant that my wife and another friend got the chance to try out the game. So far so good. Smashing and looting is a game that almost anyone can enjoy. I am super pumped for the release of D3. Second, we got our Toons Formerly Know as Lowbies up to level 85. While most everyone was busy, I purchased some PvP gear and a few epics to get into the new Heroics. A few hours later, I was nearly decked out in Epics. So easy. Then, the cherry on top for the group was that we got to run our first Heroic together....and man am I glad I got that gear. We got Heroic Throne of Tides, which went very well. We only had two wipes (one on the explody purple guys, which out mage discovered he could spell steal), and one on the last boss. T The last boss of that instance is still a bitch. No me gusta. I had so many bad memories of that fight from the beginning of Cataclysm. On another note, I got new graphic cards for mine and my wife's computer this weekend. My wife is amazed at all of the fancy graphics in WoW that she never got a chance to see. She was particularly impressed at the rain falling on a body of water in Stranglethorn. I noticed a huge difference in D3 on my computer. Everything looks so much more Crisp. I actually noticed that blood splatters across your body as you hack shit up/ Overall, it was a pretty good weekend.

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