Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wifey Makes Me Proud. Sticking Up for Yourself.

As I have let it be known before, my wife was always very nervous to play with other people in WoW. Especially in an instance setting.

She was scared that she would not be good enough and that people would be mean to her. The second part was definately a valid point.

So, I was proud to see her doing instances all by herself on her new low level character (another Druid).

I was even more proud that she stuck it out in a shitty group and stood up for herself when dipshits lashed out.

First of all, it was a Wailing Caverns run.....that took over an hour. This is not the Vanilla version of WC. It should not be taking more than 30 or so minutes to clear on average.

The tank got lost a bunch of times (which can happen). The Healer fell off of a ledge and got lost. No complaints from my wife.

As they ran thru the dungeon, my wife actually ended up passing on several upgrades so that the healer could have it.

When they got to one of the bosses, she rolled need on a huge upgrade that happened to have some spirit on it. The tank and healer threw a fit over it, calling her "Dumb Druid".

Instead of quitting in tears (which may well have happened a year or two ago), she just brought up the fact that it was a big upgrade and that the Healer had already received 4 upgrades in the instance. When they persisted, she LOLed at them for complaining over low level loot and left the dungeon.

She passed her first test of rude pugs with flying colors. It makes me quite proud.

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