Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 14 – This upsets you

Well, there are a number of things that upset me in WoW.

People at max level who have done zero research on their characters (this include things such as just reading the talents and tooltips on your characters). Most people in game know someone that can help them out. Just ask them. Please. For your own good and the good of everyone you run with.

Another thing that annoys me is random AFKs in pugs without saying something.

I had both of these things come into play with a couple of pugs recently.

First, there was a Hunter who was apparently AFK after the first trashpack. Never said anything. We killed the first boss while the Hunter was not even there. I think he ended up leaving after the first boss (or maybe was kicked, I am not sure).

In another instance, there were too instances of goobertastic awesomeness. And they were both DPS warriors.

The first warrior was not great. Did like 6-8k DPS, which while somewhat low, was fine because the other DPS was well above that. Well, he died on a trash pack. I rez. I rez again. The dude went AFK. VOTE KICK!

So, we get a second DPS warrior as his replacement. He comes in and we start the second boss (we are in the third Twilight Instance). He then proceeds to do 3500 dps. Really. He was also wearing a leather helmet.....VOTE KICK.

Now that I think of it, there are loads of things that annoy me. I wont bother going into all of them, but they also include.

- Tanks who dont let healers get mana
- Tanks who chain pull when it is above the capability of the healer
- Tanks and Healers who have a sense of entitlement

So. Those are some of the things that "upset" me.

You can add to that:

- Spam in trade chat (includes ANAL, Chuck Norris, Murlocks, etc.)
- Racism
- Dead Baby Jokes in my pug (yes, this happened the other day)

Also, people who seam to be standing in the same spot all the time for no particular reason....or people sitting afk showing off their mount or whatever shit they got recently.

There is one guy named Dinec on my server. He sits in front of the AH for hours at a time AFK. Just sitting there on his white plainstrider......AFK. Is he just grinding /played or what? may as well just mark me down for hating everything. There. Now fuck off :p


Macnol said...

Preach on, brother. :)

You're entirely in your right to vent, especially since any of us who pug regularly will probably find several points in common with our own experiences.

Kalven said...

That is a considerable spectrum of hate there, and I can't say I disagree with any of it.

Some of it doesn't bother me so much, like spam in trade chat. Other stuff brings up my dormant retaliatory urges, usually of a homophobic nature, i.e. my hatred of dragonfags and trainfags. I keep all my SW Auctioning characters equipped with a train wrecker as a much needed release.

Bad gameplay is simply bad gameplay, though, so my deepest undying hatred is toward the votekick cooldown.

Darraxus said...

@ Kal: I agree with your hatered of the vote kick cooldown.

I also hate that you can only use it in specific spots.

"Cant vote to kick while in Combat"
"Cant vote to kick right after combat"
"Cant vote to kick during loot rolls"

Fucking come on! You can never kick a chain pulling bitch.

Hyperious said...

I keep getting the "Player cannot be kicked for another 4 hours." message.

Really? In a heroic? I'm sure we won't be here for four bloody hours!

Also, I've noticed that the amount of conversation regarding various bads in PuGs always identifies the same issues... Yet you never hear anyone speaking on the opposite side of the issue.

Example: You say Tank that doesn't wait for healer to get mana. Perhaps Tank says "Healer that isn't gemmed, enchanted, glyphed, and specced properly and doesn't prioritize heals correctly"

Two sides to every story...

Still, I freakin' hate it when a tank won't let me get my mana back. Bastards.

Hollers said...

@Hyperious - If you kick a lot of people the time goes up and up and up. To prevent misuse of the vote to kick which people still do.