Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diablo Beta (Now with Starter Addition)

Apparently, even if you were not able to get into the Beta, you can still play a starter addition of the beta....whatever that means.

All characters were deleted in the most recent patch.

I have one huge issues with the Beta at this point. The fact that it is more like the D3 demo. Sure you can try out all of the classes, but you can only get to level 13 and you can only play the first part of the first act.

Being that the beta is going to be ending soon, shouldnt you be able to test more? Does Blizzard get what they need in this small sample size? Is this just a generic beta to appease the masses while other are getting to play the real beta?

I am excited for the game to come out, and the beta has given me a very good idea of what to expect, but why are they calling it a beta when it plays like a damn demo?

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