Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend That Was

This weekend saw a decent amount of playtime, but in a different capacity than normal.

Obviously we did the Childrens week quests on Sunday. I am now done getting all of the pets. I can do the Northrend one to get the biscuits should I feel like it.

Starting out the weekend in instances did not go incredibly well.

First, three of us headed to a few different pugs that kept falling apart. Horrible, horrible tanks.

Then we decided to do some regular heroics on our former lowbies.....this was as bad an idea as the pugs.

We were really off out game. We wiped three or four times on the first trash pull in Heroic Stoncore.

We ended up going to the floating instance in Uldum to try something different, but by that time, I was not in an instance mood and we left the instance.

We did however do something incredibly fun for the rest of the evening. We played paid hide and seek.

Someone hid. Then everyone else tries to find them. One of the rules is no /targeting for the person.

There were some funny moments where I would see people looking for me several times before they would actually find me. We laughed and had fun. We also got to see Stormwind in a whole different way. I think next time we should try Darnassus.

I also did a lot of random instances with one of my friends for valor and justice points. Most of these were done on my Shaman, Paladin, and Warlock. I still hate Warlock DPS.

The funny part about these randoms is that he ended up taking his Warrior, Hunter, and Shaman. All of them could use some drops. These drops all dropped.....only on the wrong characters lol. Hunter saw tank gear, Warrior and Shaman saw Hunter gear.

That was my weekend.

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