Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

Ok, so back to the 20 days of blogging bit.

As far as bloggers I admire, you should just got take a look at my blogroll.

As far as players go, it definately has to go to my close group of friends (and especially my wife).

My wife once upon a time hated WoW. It was one of out biggest fighting points. Now it is something that we can do together.

She used to be afraid to run things on her own. Now she is not. She has gone from complete noob to having three level 85 characters. I admire that she stuck it out and kept on plugging along.

She has become much more comfortable in game with rotations and gearing etc. She does ask me if things are upgrades still, but I think it is just because I am the safety net and can validate what she already knows.

Some day, I will hopefully get her to write a blog post!

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