Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Level Flurry!

No...not fury. Flurry. As in a lot of it very quickly.

I have been helping my wife try to get to 60 on her mage before the end of Noblegarden. It should not be a problem at all considering she has gained 16 levels over the last two days and is about a bubble from 46.

My friends and I have been questing together on my wife's mage and his Warlock.

This is being done through a combo of questing and dungeons. I queue us up for a dungeon that still has quests available and then we run around doing quests. Pretty simple.

The bad part is that we have gotten a couple of terrible groups in instances.

Paladin tanks at low levels are super OP. They also dont pay any attention to what the healer or anyone else is doing. Healer out of mana...PULL MORE. Healer sitting and drinking....PULL MORE. Healer afk on the phone...PULL MOBS AND A BOSS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!

Seriously. I know these dungeons are easy, but tanks really need to judge if what they are doing is sustainable by the entire group.

Speaking of bad tanks.....I got into a swearing match with one over the weekend. We were the last two in an instance and I found a chest. I opened it up and there was some gold ore and a green item. I roll greed and the dumb ass tank rolls need. I asked "WTF why did you roll need". He says "Because I can". I then berated him and called him pretty much every name in the book. People dont give a shit about dungeon etiquette these days. You dont need on shit you dont need. You dont need on off spec if someone can use it on their main spec. You wouldnt act like that in real life. Dont do it in a game.


Occeleta said...

The douchebag you were talking about at the end is exactly why I wait until others pick need or greed. I don't care if it makes me look like I'm waiting for everyone to greed just to ninja it In the end if everyone greeds I greed. If just one douchebag needs when they obviously don't need, then i'll need, just so there is still a chance they don't get it.

GeodesicDragon said...

I've lost count of the number of times when the tank has pulled half the damn room while I've been getting mana.

Or when my healer decides to go AFK in the middle of a fight.

I seem to be cursed when it comes to meeting idiots. I actually have a blog dedicated to the morons I meet while playing.

But I digress. You make some good points. People need to show some respect in dungeons.

Macnol said...

"You wouldnt act like that in real life. Dont do it in a game."

You may be giving them too much credit.

If they thought they weren't at risk of having to answer for it, they certainly would.