Monday, April 16, 2012

Diablo 3 Beta!

Before I get to talk about D3, I wanted to link to my buddies post.

Indecisive Gamer

Something we often do before or during instances in our group of friends is a dance party. They are nice and colorful now thanks to marker flags.

Now, on to Diablo 3.

I would like to say it is good, but I wont. It is fucking awesome.

I loved Diablo, but never go around to D2. It has really been that long since I got in some good hack n slash action. This game is outstanding. It makes no is all about loot and causing zombies and demons to die a grizzly death.

The only gripe I really had so far was that it feels like more of a demo as you can only do Act 1 and get to level 13 on any given character.

So far, I have played the Barbarian to 10, the Monk to 8, and the Wizard and Demon Hunter to 3 and 2 respectively.

The locals are awesome, the randon generated mini dungeons are awesome, and frantically clicking everything is awesome.

So far, all of the classes seem pretty cool. I know I am going to be a Barbarian at release, though I will likely play all of the classes.

The crafting system is incredibly easy and I like it that way.

I did not bother with the AH, but will probably check it out at some point.

Those are my first impressions. Lots and lots of fun.


Wilhelm Arcturus said...

Well, that is encouraging!

I got an invite to the D3 beta this past week, but am going to skip that and wait the 30 days until launch. I am playing too many other things at the moment.

I do have the D3 launch installer downloaded and ready to go via the one-year WoW commitment, so come May 15th I'll be ready to install... and then patch.

Darraxus said...

@ Wilhelm: I understand you not giving it a shot because of the sheer number of games you play.

I usually just play WoW, MW3, and some Madden on Wii, so this was a nice distraction.