Friday, February 27, 2009

Jewel Crafting and Inscription

I have decided that these will be the two professions for my Druid. I have already started JC, and about 150 gold later I am at 141 skill. I have a feeling this is going to get very expensive if I dont mine my own ore. Ditto for enscription when I pick it up. Both of these are very good professions for your character as well as your wallet if it is done right.

One of the main reasons I decided on these was that:

a) I only have 2 production type professions on any of my toons (excluding fishing and cooking), which is Tailoring on my Warlock and Engineering on my Warrior. My Paladin is a double gatherer and my Druid is just now getting his professions in line.

b) The better gems for my gear will be nice, and not having to grind Hodir rep as a Resto Druid will be equally as nice.

From a profit standpoint, I hope to have this all done by the next patch (should be done well before then to be honest). With Dual Speccing coming out, there will be more people looking to buy Glyphs, and perhaps gems up that DPS/Tanking/Healing gear they have had sitting in the bank for a rainy day.

From a player standpoint, it will be nice to gem and glyph my own gear. It will give me a nice opportunity to try out different glyphs without having to spend a bunch of gold. Anyone have any pointers for JC and Inscription? When should I buy and when should I farm the materials myself? I have plenty of gold, so I doubt that would be too much of an issue.


Occeleta said...

I would highly suggest just dedicating some time to gather your own mats. As it will add up and unfortunately our economy is so out of whack on Scarlet Crusade. I used to be able to purchase uncut gems then sell the cut ones for at least triple. But there are a ton of JCers undetcutting me now that I'm lucky if I would even make my money back that way.

Anyways, I got my JCing up to 400's overnight in a span of 5-7 hours by just farming my mats. Since you have a double gatherer you might as well just get out there. Make sure to gather extra mats for the inscription research as well. Even when you are well past that stage it's good to have those inks to learn the minor glyphs.
The hardest part is getting to 350. Once you get to the point where your mats are coming from Outlands and Northrend it's all downhill thanks to flight gathering.

Anonymous said...

I spent about 1k leveling up inscription...and I have an herbalist with an epic flyer, but still...very expensive.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the opposite, never farm your own mats :) First of all, remember that there is opportunity cost and just because you farmed it doesn't mean it was free. You used your valuable playing time to do so. Some other sucker somewhere, who has a lot of time on their hands, will always be willing to farm and sell materials lower than the value of your playing time. Even if you do farm it, you can likely sell the mats for a higher price than what some people sell them for on "weak" days. So why not buy it cheap off the AH?

The real killer of JC is the 200-300 range, where you need tons of the rare Azeroth gems. There is very low supply of these, and prices can be insane (about 20g per gem on my server).

The key is to plan ahead and know what you will require, so you can search at the AH for deals. Some people levelling up don't know what these are worth and put them up much cheaper. Also, don't just make orange recipes as advised by most guides. It's better to make 10items that make money or recover most of the cost than to make 5 items that are total money sinks because everyone and their mom makes those same items. You could make some profit by disenchanting some items, given how certain enchanting materials are selling.