Thursday, June 16, 2011

Failpug of the Week

I havent had a failpug for quite some time. This is mainly due to the facts that:

A) I havent been running many instances
B) I certainly havent been running pugs.

Well, I decided to do a random dungeon on my Shaman while I was questing in Terrokar. I get in to Underbog and away we go. Me, DK tank, Resto Druid, Mage, and Ret Pally.

Everything is going very well. No problems at all. We are killing bosses at a ridiculous pace. The first boss dies before he can do the thing where he heals himself. We breeze through.

We get to the Hunter boss and smash him up pretty good. The plate legs drop. The DK tank and the Ret Pally roll. The ret pally wins the pants.

This is when the fail comes in. The DK, whose name was Leetdk (no I am not kidding) orders the pally to give him the pants. I LOL as does the Paladin. The DK is not kidding. THOSE ARE NOT PALADIN PANTS....says the idiot.

The Paladin responds that "These are the stats I need".

The DK votes to kick him. I vote no. There is one other guildy from the DKs guild with us, so I guess it goes through.

The DK then goes on to complain that he couldnt roll on the intellect plate earlier that was "better" than what he had.

Having leveled a DK, I know that most of the started blue gear lasts you until around Northrend. How would an intellect piece be an upgrade?

It is fucking idiots like this that make the game annoying. I tried explaining that Ret pallys and warriors also use the same gear. I dont think he understood.

He should be eliminated from the gene pool immediately. That is all.

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Darth Solo said...

I love reading your failpug stories. I have a few stories of my own but, you know, these are for the grandchildren.