Friday, June 3, 2011

How being less Goblin can make you MORE Goblin

So, being a Goblin is generally all about making gold. Many people also seem to think it is about being a ruthless asshole. This can actually be counterproductive to making gold, which makes you less of a Goblin.

I have a pretty healthy competition on my server with the JC market. I generally dont talk to my competitors at all. I just post, cancel, and repost.

I got a tell from one of my competitors (A) the other day making a comment about one of the other guys in the market (B). This douchebag comes in every couple of days and deeply undercuts with a wall of gems. For the most part, it is with walls of blue, green, and yellow gems with a few smatterings of the other colors.

This apparently really upsets A. I know exactly what B is doing. He only posts every couple of days, so he wants to post low because he knows he will be undercut otherwise.

Did I tell A to fuck off? Of course not. I just explained what B was doing and that it he will probably go away once his stock runs out. A wants to get a coalition to force him out of the market.

I dont really care as long as my gems keep selling. I am going to let them buy out his auctions and resell them. Then I will undercut their higher prices. It is a win-win for me.

Another advantage is that A doesnt log back on to undercut me as soon as I log off. I can generally log on an hour or two later and just replenish rather than cancel and repost. Maybe this is a time thing, but then again maybe it is a courtesy thing.

Unfortunately one of my guildies is competition. Fortunately he raids and does instances, so I just wait for him to go somewhere else and then undercut him. I can also see all of his alts (as they are in my main guild) while he can't see mine (several in other guilds).

So, what I was basically trying to say is that sometimes not being a douche can make you more gold than being a sterotype of a "goblin".

Work on your people skills and people will work for you.

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