Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why Can't I Do it?

This is not a quitting post by the way. This is about something that I have never been able to do in the game......level a priest.


I guess that there are a few reasons why I have rolled about 5 of the damn guys and deleted every single one.

They are incredibly boring. Killing stuff as a priest kinda sucks. It just does. I remember how terrible it was trying to level a priest before Heirlooms etc.

I just don't have a real attachment to the priest class. They seem so vanilla to me.

I know they are quite powereful healers, however I find that I enjoy the healing of a Druid or Shaman to be much more fun.

I always found Priests to be like squishy Paladins.

I do kinda like Discipline. The whole shield aspect is something that I find to be really cool. Preventing damage rather than healing it back up.

Why am I even talking about this? I am considering rolling a new priest.

I deleted a level twenty something priest a couple of months ago because I wasnted to roll a Horde toon. Said Horde toon is sitting at 20 and I have no compulsion to level him. The only thing I have done is make a bit of gold on the Horde side. And by the way, the Horde side of Scarlet Crusade has a really shitty economy. I imagine it has to do with the smaller Horde population. it to giving Priestness another shot. This one is for Nomnomhealz.


Nev said...

I was the same way with my warriors - having a paladin main, the warrior seemed so slow but after getting about 4 past the 20 mark, I finally got one moving & she is now 75.

I also have the same problem with mages - super squishy after playing a shadow priest but so far, I still haven't got one past lvl 25! I went shadow/holy so I could quest more easily but also get quick dungeons. I haven't done much Cata healing tho - too much of a wuss!

Dancingblade said...

One word: Shadow.

Level 32 in ~12 hours played. Melting faces FTW?

Dancingblade said...

Damn typo... level 35.

Darraxus said...

@ Nev: I love my Warrior most of all lol. I have never given shadow a shot which probably has something to do with my not enjoying the priest as much while soloing.

Vordan said...

I rolled my hordie Priest back in Vanilla. I was really wanting to level it bad, in fact I just wanted my mount so bad (then 40), that I just winged it and blasted through 40 in a week. Once I did get the mount I stopped, I lost interest because like you said, its like a squishy paladin. Well I leveled here and there because it was boring but I had to get past it. It wasn't till Wrath came out that I had a new found love for my priest, because of disc. Once you get past 30 these days, its a walk in the park, and its fun. Shadow is a great spec for leveling, its much more powerful than what I remember in Vanilla. Just keep on trucking, you'll get to the point where you find it fun. You just first have to go through hell.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, so far so good. The only problem is that I am outleveling my zones too quickly. I basically outleveled Westfall before I started and outleveled Redridge within a few quests.

I will be headed to Duskwood. i think I am gonna level with instances/gathering until BC.

I enjoy the quests, but I think that it may be faster to least while you have the quests for them.

Darth Solo said...

Priests are cool. For many years I had the notion that they were pussies and too boring. But then I started one and leveled as shadow (of course). And things went down quickly, while in dungeons I wasn't doing bad either.

I started healing dungeons as holy and struggled for a long time but all of a sudden I switched to discipline and never looked back. Discipline is truly unique (or at least was back then). I call discipline "the art of healing the least" because I used to rely mostly on the bubble and very often my mana was full.

I also tried some healing with a shaman but never managed to get him past 50.