Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Be a Trade Chat Troll (aka GOD)!!!!

I bet many of you have wondered how to become the best kind of internet person. The kinds that everyone looks up to and wants to be. A troll.

Well look no further than this handy guide to Supertrolldom. You will have people worshipping you as a trade chat demi-god in not time.

Make sure that you type random things that are going to get a reaction.

This is the single greatest rule of trolling! If you dont get a reaction, you are not a very good troll. In fact, you fucking suck. You fucking suck is an appropriate Troll response to anyone saying anything by the way. There are many many ways to troll the shit out of your server. Here are a few good examples.

1) Chuck Norris jokes. People love them and hate them. Regardless, you will get a reaction! Noobs will tell you to eat a bowl of dick. Other trolls will join in and make your Chuck Norris man love a trade chat staple.

2) Murloc Movies. Take a movie. Add Murlock into it. Profit. Spammy spam spam will follow and you will be King of Spamalot.

3) Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. Just link it in trade chat. You will be able to bait tons of people into your arena of troll combat for a good ole fashioned smackdown.

4) Anal. Just type anal and link a skill or item. Anal (Rupture) or Anal (Devastate) for example. You will see the true troll humor emerge and be the person who started this wonderful chain of events.

If you are not one who likes starting open ended trolling, start an arguement. Make sure you do it in trade chat so that other people respond. When they do, tell them to STFU and get out of your trade chat. You are king troll! You can troll people in many ways with the thinly veiled insults. I will give you classic examples to start.

1) Trade Chat Citizen: WTS X item for 5000 gold PST.
King Troll of the Clan McTroll: WTF...that is worth 70silver you fucking noob.

2) Trade Chat Citizen: How much hit does a Rogue need.
Trollbama Bin Trollin: Over 9000!!!! Or alternatively....learn to internet noob!

There are many ways to be an effective troll. Remember not to show anger when people insult you obviously superior intellect! They are below you. Just laugh at them and insult their mother. If you add a lol, it is not as serious.


Trade Chat Citizen: You are an idiot. Why would you leave X out of the rotation.
Robotroll: Lol, because your mom doesnt like when I use X on her anus lol.

Feel free to spell things wrong as well. It will make your trolling all the more complete and drive these driveling little maggots to cry.

Example: Rofl u r a fcking nube. Get yuor hed out of yor asszs. LOLZ.

People will come at you fast and hard. They are the idiots though! Dont they know that you are Chief Runningtroll of the Trolliqua tribe?

Just remember. Trolling is all about status. You become a legend with the right trolling. Get out there and pwn some fucking noobs.

Disclaimer: This message brought to you by the Tongue in Cheek Federation and sponsored by the Department of Redundancy Department.


Nobody said...

ahhh, the memories. my favorite way to troll was to mock my AH competition in trade chat. but the fact that my greatest entertainment in the game was trolling was my sign that it was time to quit the game. trollon you crazy dwarf!

Mogul said...

Hi Darraxus - my faction (alli) on Thaurissan is so dead that if I trolled it'd be a question and answer session with myself. Thanks for the trip down memory lane though.

: )