Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Priest....Take 4 (clack)

I went ahead and rolled a new priest. Of course, to start this off, I had to erase my Horde toon.

This involved a few things. First, I put pretty much everything I had of value in the guild bank for the guild I joined. They were a very friendly RP guild. Several of the items I put in their bank were very rare items.

Once I did that, I was on a mission to try and give my gold away (1800ish after buying a Tsunami deck for 9k and transfering it over to Alliance). So, I started the process of looking for a character that is new to the game and may actually need it.

I asked in trade chat. Nobody responded directly, and they just asked why I was looking for a new player. I didnt want to tell them because I didnt want some veteran player getting my gold. Nothing there, so then I went to Durotar to find a new player. Asked in general chat and sent tells to some of the low levels. No response....hmmmm. Head over to the Barrens. Get one response from a newish player....GREAT. Ask what his highest level is....not answer.

So, I ended up giving the gold to a super friendly guildy. Did a Bilbo Baggins and my Tauren Paladin went bye bye.

Then I created my new Worgen Priest. Worgen and Priest were the only race or class I didnt have a toon for. I wanted to name him Holydiver...which was taken. So I went with Holydio in honor of Ronnie James Dio....the best metal vocalist of all time.

I bought the two cloth heirlooms from the guild vendor and sent them over to my priest along with the robes, shoulders, and staff I already had.

The Worgen starting zone seemed to take forever even though I blew thru it pretty fast. I outleveled the zone by the end and stepped into the nightelf area having already outleveled the next zone (I was level 16).

I decided that I was going to head over to Stormwind so that I could quest in Redridge. I did a few quests and queued up for my first Dungeon. Being a Disc priest, I decided to heal it.

Deadmines popped up and away I went. Nobody died or was really in any danger of dieing. I kept everyone up even when DPSing sometimes and when our two handed weapon wielding tank accidentally pulled about a dozen guys on the boat. I love throwing up Power Word Shield.

By the time I was done, I was level 19. WOOHOO. Moving on along.

Since I grabbed herbalism and mining, I now need to go back to Westfall and catch my Herbalism skill up so that I can supplement my awesome leveling skills with more XP.

I plan on saving the herbs and converting this guy to another Alchemist when he get to 85 (if he does).

So far so good. I am enjoying it so far. The biggest question is what to do when he gets into Outlands. Continue leveling the Priest...or go back to leveling my Shaman. Time will tell I guess.

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