Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Into the Breach/Couple of Gold Tips

So, not only have I started a Priest once again....I actually ran a Heroic on Darraxus. Not just any of the new Zandalar heroics.

Granted I ran it as DPS, but it was a mostly guild run with our Heroic tank extrodinaire Drunkencrono. The guy runs Heroics just because he likes running them. He doesnt really need the gear or anything.

It is always nice to have someone like that in the guild.

Overall, it felt pretty good to get out there and see some new content. I did a respectable 10.5k dps with my crap gear (mostly blue items including a PvP piece or two).

Since the above doesnt really make a post, I had a couple of things to say about low level crafting and gold making. There is certainly gold to be made.

I have been making a nice chunk of change selling the engineering pets. You get the schematics from Gnomeregan. The bombling is a drop off of the last boss in the instance, and Lil Smokey has a chance to drop off the the Arcane Nullifiers (IIRC).

Low level tailoring has also been good to me. I have sold a bunch of the low level blue items for 4-10 times the mat cost. I also make a very decent amount of gold off of selling shirts. Black Swashbuckler shirts seem to sell the best. I have sold a few of pretty much every piece of vanity clothes you can make. I think it especially helps that I am on an RP server.

Do you know when you are getting to your competition? When they say something to you. I mentioned that I have a guildy who competes with me in the gem market. Yesterday, as I was finishing undercutting him yet again, I see in guild chat "I dont even know why you are still in the guild". To which I replied with....NOTHING!!! Let him be angry. I will keep on keeping on. I may not raid with the guild, but it is not a requirement. I do contribute some gems to the guild bank.

Anyways, I am just glad to have gotten back into doing a Heroic....even if it was only as a DPS.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the Mechanical Squirrel for low Engie stuff - I often sell 3-5 a week at about 30g each even though I have 3 or 4 competitors.

I haven't made the most of my tailor but the Black Swashbuckler shirt is the only one I've ever bought for an alt!

I recently got the pattern for the Rich Purple Shirt - I think I've paid out maybe 100g for Dense Stone/dense grinding stones/ Darkmoon Faire handin tickets to get it but I've already sold 3 this week at around 75g each :)

Good luck with your heroics - don't forget the rep items - hubby has geared his warrior up using JP's & rep rewards & he's managing 10-15k dps quite regularly. I on the other hand, haven't completed a single heroic yet! lol

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I have the recipe, just have not made any.

I really want to get the rich purple shirt recipe. I think I could sell the shirts for 200 gold on my server.

Which darkmoon prize level did you get the recipe out of?

Unknown said...

umm, I didn't have many dense stones this month so I went for the 12 ticket option. I read somewhere that the Mechanical Toad has a higher chance of dropping from them too but yet to see it anywhere!