Friday, June 10, 2011

I Left Stormwind!

Thats right, I actually did something that involved me getting out of Stormwind. The last couple of months have been mostly spent making gold. I was originally going to do a Heroic, but decided not to.

First I figured I would hit up Heroic Setthek to punch Anzu in the face for the chance at a mount. No luck, but there is always next time.

Then I decided that I was going to finish my Cenarion Expedition Rep in Outlands and knock out a few achiements while I was at it.

Even though I have done all of the BC Heroics (back in BC), it did not give me credit for all of them when the Achievement system came out. I did not have any of the Coilfang Heroic instances for some reason, but I was about 7k rep from getting to Exalted.

I went to Heroic Underbog first and took a leisurely 35 minute stroll through the instance killing pretty much everything. I also made sure to stop and pick any Sanguine Hibiscus. I later posted them on the AH for around 9 gold each.

After that, I decided to go do Steamvaults. The instance was quick and painless. Afterwards, I was pretty close to exalted and had a nice pile of coilfang armaments.

After the rep turn ins I was still just a bit short, so I did a couple of quests and BAM. Exalted. Then I spent a little of my hard earned gold on a Hippogriff.

After that last quest, I decided to do the final quest I needed to get teh Zangarmarsh quest achievement.

Overall, it was very nice to actually go and do something that wasnt staring at an Auctioneer's crotch.


Anonymous said...

You described what used to be a fun evening in WoW for me.

I guess its that feeling of accomplishing something in one sitting.

Unknown said...

I did the Cenarion Ex rep a little while ago & did the Sporrregar at the same time - I really wanted the tiny sporeling pet :)

Now I'm collecting Encrypted Twilight texts for the Cenarion Circle rep - I want the title too :)

If you haven't got it yet, the Timbermaw rep is maybe 60-90 mins work from neutral to exalted now - go see some snow instead of the marsh :) less mosquitos too

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I havent done Timbermaw on my main yet, but I did do it on my enchanter. Gold making comes first lol.