Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heroics....Not as Bad

Yesterday I ran a few heroics. Three to be exact.

The first one I tanked for a guildy who was unable to get into the other guild group. Yes, I tanked a heroic. It wasnt all that bad. We blew through the instance without any real issues. I marked for cc, but being that it was mostly a pug, the timing on CCing thing was off and often ended with me tanking everything.

After that, I got into a different guild group and went DPS on my warrior. First we got Heroic Shadowfang. I remember how much I despised that instance. We ended up one shotting all bosses but the third one (mainly because the pug mage had a wild fire orb running around the orb pulling bosses and trash.

After that we got heroic Throne of Tides or whatever it is called. This one caused me some headaches in the past thanks to the last boss. This time we had zero problems with any of it. We one shotted all of the bosses.

I am finding that Heroics are much more enjoyable as people are more geared and seem to know what they are doing.

I have also found a new love for interrupting things. I dont know why, but it makes me feel like more of a contributer when I am interrupting things (especially since I know a lot of others dont really care).

I imagine I will be running some more on all of my characters to try and get better gear as well as some getting enough Justice/Valor Points to be at 4k when it rolls over with the next patch. Cheap epics here I come.

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