Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Much Gold Do You Have?

Pretty easy question.

I ask because while reading WoWInsider, it was stated that most players have under 1k gold.....huh?

That seems incredibly low.

Making gold in WoW is easy no matter what you decide to do. If you like If you like If you like PvP won't make you anything, but as a PvPer you dont really suffer a lot of durability damage.

You can make over 10k JUST LEVELING.

Granted, people are going to spend it on different things. Professions, enchants, gems. There are plenty things to spend gold on and just as many things to make gold from.

So, I ask again. How much gold do you have at any one time?


Wilhelm Arcturus said...

I am not sure what the right answer is.

As a "player" I have probably 30K gold scattered across more than a dozen characters on three servers.

But I have quite a few characters sitting around with under 1K of gold. I have a stack of them in the 40-60 range.

Did they mean "players" or "characters" in their post?

Darraxus said...

I believe they meant players. I can see a character having less as I have a couple who are under 1k gold. People were commenting how they had under 1k on their whole account. Also saw one who had under 300 gold total. Mind boggling to me.

Yow said...

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Darraxus said...

@ Yow:

I am already linking yours on my blogroll on the right hand side of my page if you scroll down.

mageic said...

over my 3 main chars I probably have 10k gold.
I do a lot of PvP and hardly ever get the chance to raid.

Vordan said...

Since level 70 I have had over 1k on just my main. Granted I payed for flying and leveling up Engineer but im stitting at probably 50k through the couple of servers I play on. Im not money mogul like you, so this is the reason I am stuck below 100k. I dont try like you do and I am not so thrifty like you, I tend to spend it.

River said...

I use to play the auction house, but I took a break, now I'm down to 8k gold cause I spend like a sailor on shore leave. Thinking about getting back in the gold game.

Ngita said...

200k as a player on my main server, but I tend to have a goal and spend when i am above it. 310 for alts being the latest favorite, Probably make my goal 250k soon as i am sitting on a ton of dreamcloth , truegold and enchanting mats at the moment.

But we haad a discussion about this in guild back in early wotlk. Players fell into 2 distinct groups. Some endlessly accumulated, the longer they played they more they had, some earn-spend-earn-spend. If they don't deliberately try and earn gold their natural state is zero.

Darth Solo said...

When I quit WoW I have over 500K, perhaps 520 or so. But I do believe that most people have very little gold. Us "millionaires" are the exception.

McRaffles said...

After hiting the old cap, pre-Cata and pretty much blowing the lot when Cata hit, I am currently sitting at about 150k over 5 toons and quite comfortable with that.

Mogul said...

Since capping I've become a bit of a spender - sitting at the moment somewhere between 1.1 and 1.2M.

Less than 1000g seems astonishing when dailies give around 10g each and Blizz is so fond of rep grinds.