Thursday, June 9, 2011

PvE Anxiety

This is something that is rather weird for me when it comes to WoW. I have always been an avid instance runner. I love tanking and healing. I just enjoy the dynamic of running with a group.

However, the longer I stay away from instances, I find that I build a higher anxiety towards grouping up. This obviously doesnt apply to playing with friends.....none of which are really even playing at this time. This goes mostly for those good ole pugs.

I dont know what it is. I havent run them in a while an have likely forgotten some of the mechanics in the instances. Not to mention that most of the pugs seemed to have been filled with assholes at the beginning of Cataclysm.

Perhaps I am being certainly feels weird. I may decide...Hey, I think im gonna run an instance! Then after I queue, I decide I dont wont to afterall.

I refuse to join as a tank or healer. My two favorite roles. Because I dont want the responsibility of guiding a bunch of people I dont know through some content I dont really care about.

I want to want to play. I can bring myself to make gold. Thats about it. Maybe I should run some old content and pick up some achievements. It would be quite east to run alot of the old stuff and probably net me a bit of extra crap to sell.

I keep meaning to run Karazhan on my Warlock to get the BC enchants. I should go ahead and get my rep up on Darraxus with those old factions that have been waiting.

Maybe that is what my next aim in the game will be. Just to run around and enjoy the things I used to enjoy in a solo setting.

I think much of this has to do with the lack of friends playing this game. It seems that everyone has been trying out LOTRO (including me).

I enjoy LOTRO, but I doubt it is a long term investment. WoW seems to have a lot more to offer, and I think WoW also looks much better.

What do you do when you need a change of pace within WoW. I enjoy making I guess it is time to find some other creative ways to do it. Soloing Karazhan maybe? Molten Core? Other old world content?

What do you guys think?

No ETA on Old Republic Online.

Oh, and I think I will be hitting 1 million gold within the next two weeks. Gold is flowing easily in. Next will be two million. I dont really have anything to spend it on with my wife not currently playing.

Building gold houses on a Ghost Island.


Anonymous said...

When i get back to playing i was thinking of running either aq or mc once a week with friends for the two reps. I actual loved doing the rep grinds for some reps. Im currently at 29. Im excited about it. Dont think i'd run much without friends /guildies. Pugs will make me have a heart attack one of these days for making me angry for stupid stuff they should know.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I am definately missing playing with my friends. Literally all of them are off doing something else.

River said...

Depends on the role I take, as a tank I have huge instance anxiety since I haven't played as a tank since BC, now that I'm back doing it, I have done none of the new instances and I'm really nervous. Oh well once more unto the breach.

When I play my mage though I can give to craps, hell I might just stand in fire just for the hell of it.