Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

So...this should be an interesting one.....there are several things I could put in here I suppose. Alrighty then.

1) I was once briefly homeless as a child
2) I used to be a Police Officer
3) I can be incredibly impatient. It is something that I am working on.
4) I love potatoes.....just not mashed potatoes. Something about the texture really bothers me.
5)I have sisters who are twins (not twins with me thank god).
6) I am not a fan of religion and politics. They always seem to bring around the worst in people. I follow neither.
7) I have quite a collection of pen and paper roleplaying game books that I cannot play with anybody. I still refuse to get rid of them.
8) I am a sports buff. I follow Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, and MMA. I hate soccer.
9)I am a pretty good artist despite the fact that I have not drawn much over the years. As a kid, it was one of my favorite things to do.
10) I prefer cartoons to other television. I find cartoons for the most part to be much more creative and much less annoying. I will take Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Spongebob over reality TV anytime.

Anyways, those are my things about me. Back to your regularly scheduled program.


Hollers said...

Our childhood kinda sucked a little didn't it Darr? Anyway, I figured you didn't like mashed potatoes because we were forced to eat dry potato spuds pretty much everyday. Anyways, about those roll playing books, I miss playing that shit with ya, do you still have that 1980's baseball board game? Nostalgia.

Sincerely, the favorite twin haha

Darraxus said...

Lol, I am not sure what happened to that baseball game. That thing was epic. Maybe that is part of the potatoes thing. I also couldnt eat Chicken or Macaroni and Cheese for a couple of years.

Arioch said...

I know what you mean about Mac and Cheese, it's only in the past couple years I can eat it again - but I'll never eat another pot pie as long as I live!

My bookshelves are crammed with books for obscure RPGs that I've collected over the years and stacks of pages of characters half rolled for campaigns we never started. Can't part with them.

Darraxus said...

@ Arioch: I am exactly the same. I have DnD, LotR, Star Wars (D6 Version), Vampire: The Masquerade, Shadowrun, Gammaworld amongst other games that I have characters that do not get played. The only ones who ever really saw extensive playtime were the Shadowrun and Star Wars ones.