Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fits Like a Glove and Thinking of Trying Holy (Priest)

Last night I decided that I was going to go heal some of the newer Heroics on my Druid as I had not done so in a while. I was also only 150 VP from getting a shiny new helmet. Well, I ended up getting a nice belt upgrade as well. Woohoo. I transmogged the helmet to the T2 Bullwinkle Helm.

One thing I noticed was just how easy healing as my Druid is. It has long been my favorite healing class, but last night just confirmed it. I love putting HoTs on people rather than spamming big direct heals.

It was a friends first time through the first two new instances (still has not yet done the third one). He had basically not really played much for the better part of a year (if not longer), so he was rocking mostly 333 blue gear.

I bought him a bunch of PvP pieces to help get him into the instances. He got a decent number of other upgrades in those two instances as well.

The ease in which I was able to heal with my Druid made me wonder....why does healing as a Disc Priest seem to take up so much more mana? My sister suggested that is may be because Disc priests are more single target healers and having to spam heals on multiple targets with no real good AOE heals on a short cooldown uses a bunch of mana.

This got me thinking of trying Holy. I have never played Holy before. I dont think it would be terribly hard to learn. Just need to go online and look up healing rotations etc. Holy will replace the Shadow Spec that I have not used since around level 40ish.

Do you have a favorite Priest healing spec? What is it and why?


SirFWALGMan said...

I really like Atonement Disc priest.. I agree AOE can be hard.. but we do have tools.

Atonment for me never runs out of mana. The basic rotation (you probably know already?) is something like Penance + Prayer of mending tank, Holy Fire, smite spam, then Archangel pops for mana refund and healing bonus. Prayer of mending on cooldown. Greater heal if your bored and want/need to refresh the tanks shield quicker. Your little fiend buddy recharges your mana too.

The smites heal the whole group if they are stacked, prayer of mending bounces to other players for heals when tank gets hit.

I find it the easiest class to heal on.. I have never been very good with the druid, etc.. although to be fair I never gave it a fair shot. I felt guilty when my dungeon mates died and gave it up until I leveled my priest and wanted to give it a try.

BlindseerJB said...

I am a big fan of discipline healing. I just like the preventative nature of Power Word: Shield. I would say my least favorite healer is my shaman, mainly I don't enjoy the totem maintenance. Paladin and holy priest are fun, and I am enjoying my druid so far, but we will see how it works out at 85.

Darraxus said...

@ Sir: Well, probably part of my mana problem is two fold.

1) I have not been using Prayer of Mending

2) I have been using Flash Heal a bunch instead of Greater Heal.

Hollers said...

Darr, yeah flash is a no-no spam because it's is the oh shit heal. Prayer of mending does wonders too. I think though that if your gear is low, that could be an issue too. I guess will have to see how you like holy to see which you like better.

Darraxus said...

Well, my gear isnt low as I am wearing nearly all gear from the new instances.

Copernicus said...

I use disc mainly because I'm in love with bubbles. Seeing a whole group running around encased in shiny soap bubbles makes me giggle.

It's a tad embarrassing to talk about.

I tried healing as a druid, but couldn't get used to all the HoTs. I guess a HoT isn't much different than a bubble, but the flow just didn't fit.

Darraxus said...

@ COpernicus: I agree. I choose Disc for the bubbles, then decided that it was fun to DPS as a healer!

Kalven said...

If you're not using Ingela's Rapture, I suggest giving it a try. While the Flash Heal spam you mention would certainly contribute to mana issues, monitoring your shields is another way to increase efficiency. My general rule of thumb is only use shields on targets that will use them up completely.

I also play Disc for the bubbles.

Arioch said...

Atonement disc - all the way.