Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Thoughts on Mists of Pandaria Beta

So, I got into the Beta.

I did not however play that much. I will give you the impressions I got from the small amount that I did play.

I started out by creating a Pandaren Monk. Of course.

I got into the game and there were so many people in the starting area that you could not target the damn quest giver.

I logged off.

I logged on later and actually played a bit (until level 5 or so). So far I am enjoying the story and the starting area for the Pandaren.

Monk seems like it will be a fun class, but as the moment, it just seems very basic (at lower levels). I mostly just jabbed the crap out of baddies until they fell down.

I really like the roll ability. It is good fun.

Second, I copied over Darraxus and took him for a spin. I did a few quests at the beginning of Jade Forrest, and they seemed ok. Nothing ground breaking or anything.

The greatest joy I got was the talent choices you get and the new minor glyphs. The glyph of Thunderclap calls down a lightning strike!

There were two different shout glyphs that allowed me to levitate shortly after a shout and fear all critters in the area. These seem like they are going to be great.

I have now figured what I will stockpile for the patch before Pandaria as well....glyphs. There is going to be a killing made on glyphs one the changes go through.

Also, Area LOOT is awesome. I didnt even realize it was happening at first lol.

Pet Battles are not up yet. That is one of the top things I was looking forward to testing.

I dont plan on doing much in the beta outside of trying a few different things out.

What are your first thoughts?


Hollers said...

I think that when mist comes out that I am gonna wait to make a panda of anything because the starting area's will be so bad. I think at first I might wait a few days for the crowed to pass a little in the new high level zones too. It's going to be so crowded.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I am going to be focused on leveling Darraxus first, then Pandas later.