Friday, March 13, 2009

Get that Gold like Scrouge McDuck

As I have previously written, I have have basically powerleveled JC and Inscription on my Druid. While JC has more or less turned out to be a dud for money making, I could still make a bit of cash on it if I tried. On the other hand, Inscription is an incredibly easy profession to make money hand over fist.

Step 1: Level Inscription

It would be difficut to make money off of inscription without leveling it :) If you have an herbalist, go farm the area outside of exodar for the lowest level herbs. There are tons of herbs and little competition. Once you are done with thouse, you will want to head off to Westfall for a bit or even Duskwood where there is a lot more variety. From there, a stop in Stranglethorn Vale, followed by Dustwallow Marsh. I bought all of the next stage of herbs off of the AH (Dreaming Glory etc.) Once you get thru that stage, obviously it is Outland, followed by Northrend.

Step 2: Do your research every day

For the lower level research you will need one moonglow ink. I saved all of my inks leveling so that I could sell items later for a nice tidy profit. Make sure that you do this research every single day. This is where you get you minor Glyphs and most of them sell very well. I have been selling about 5 Glyphs of Battle every day for around 10-12 gold each. These are made with Midnight Ink, which is not very expensive. Even if you just buy the ink, you are basically making at least 8-10 gold profit per glyph. Once you can get the Northrend Discoveries, you will want to do that one every day. This is how you are going to learn new Major Glyphs. My first discovery was the Glyph of Preparation.

Step 3: Sell Glyphs made with lower expense materials

There are a number of very nice glyphs that sell extremly well for the price of cheap materials. Look on you server and find out what is going for a decent price. I have been selling Glyphs of Plaguestrike for close to 20 gold each where I can buy a stack of Outlands Herbs for less than 10 and make several of the Glyphs out of it. PROFIT. Minor Glyphs always make a bit of money as well. I have also been making very nice money with Glyph of Flash of Light and Glyph of Judgement. I am selling bout for about 20 gold each and the production cost is maybe 4 gold. The Glyph of Judgement is made from Lion's Ink which is milled from stuff like Goldthorn.


This is very important. Do not put up 20 of the same glyph at one time. Someone will come in and undercut you, then it becomes a vicious cycle of undercutting. I usually put up between 3-5 of a Glyph at any given time. This makes sure that the market is not bursting with them. Keep the extra glyphs on your bank alt to sell once the others sell.

Step 5: Be patient

As they say, patience is a virtue. If your stuff doesnt sell, WHO CARES!!! Post it back up again. Do not keep lowering the price. If you have to, wait until the market is empty. I have made a nice chunk of gold with patience. Look at a certain Glyph, there are 10 of them for 1 gold each. I dont post my glyphs. A day later, there are none up. I put them up for 10 gold each, and what do you know? They sell!

Step 6: Don't stop at the top

Just because you have maxed out the profession does not mean you should ignore it. You can grab lower level herbs off the AH when they are cheap and turn them around for a quick and easy profit. For less than 30 minutes of work a day, you can possibly make several hundred to a thousand gold.

Follow these easy steps and have your Travelers Tundra Mammoth or Mechano-Hog in no time!


Orgauth said...

I must be lucky in that the cost of raw materials to craft rings out of Crystallized Earth and Bloodstone/Chalcedony/Sun Crystal/Huge Citrine (pick one) are far cheaper than the enchanting mats they ultimately yield (and demand for enchanting mats will NEVER go away, so long as there is new gear to beef up). Profit margin is running in the 150% range.

Nonetheless, I look forward bring my inscriptionist/tailor back to this same server, mate him with my herbalist to finish leveling, and gin up the next "gold machine".

Great post!

Orgauth said...

And that's 8,000g for the week ;)

Darraxus said...

I can make money off of the DE part of JC, but it is rather time consuming as I have to send all of the mats to my buddy to be DEd. Not the quickest turnaround.

Syrana said...

Not flooding the market is one of the key things I've noticed for making money on glyphs. Unfortunately, too many people DO flood it and just don't seem to understand that it's silly to drive the AH prices down to vendor prices.