Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obsidian Sanctum: Sartharion Plus Drakes

Last night, I logged on with the intent of perhaps getting in some raids and or Heroics with my Druid. I started off by trying to give my Glyph Business a big boost and created about 50-60 glyphs to put on the AH. After not finding much in LFG, I switched over to Dararxus to replenish some of my Druid's green jewel supply for the JC dailies.

While flying around Saronite Basin, I saw a group looking for more for Naxx 25. They were in middle of clearing a wing, but said they would most likely need another tank for the Abom wing. Sweet.

While flying around the basin looking for nodes, I am browsing the LFG channels and see an almost full Obsidian Sanctum run. I have not even been into OS in probably a couple of months. I whisper the Raid Leader and ask what he needs. He replies that he needs a tank. SWEET! He then tells me that they are trying to do Sarth plus 2. This is a mostly guild run with a few pugs. They just needed another tank for adds. I accept an invite and I am standing before Sarth in no time.

When I got there, they had apparently already been at it for a while. We buffed up and got to it. I must say, that this is possibly the most fun raiding I have had since the expansion. There is just so much Chaos going on. Drakes landing, add popping up, fire walls coming, void zones trying to get you. It was very exciting. We tried 3 times with 2 drakes up, before some people stated that they would need to go soon. They decided to just do the one drake, and went and took down one of the remaining drakes. We downed it on the first try with little problem.

Sarth plus drakes is just pure chaos. I did not get any loot, but I did get a shiny achievement. Right after the run, I got an invite to the Naxx run that I mentioned above.

The group I joined appeared to be a casual alt run of some of the server's top raiding guilds. Unfortunately, despite being full of good players, the run lacked focus. There were a lot of AFKs and people purposely getting killed by frogger. We downed Patchwerk, Grobbulus, and Gluth before two wipes on Thaddius and calling it because of the time. I got a nice new tanking chest out of the deal anyways to replace my T7 chest. I am now over 30k unbuffed HP.
Overall, it was a very pleasant night of raiding, considering that I didn't figure I would be able to get any raids in before the reset tonight. I am now sitting 2 emblems away from my tanking ring as well!

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