Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ghetto Hearth NERF?!!!@@!1!

stone cooldown changed to 30 minutes
Alright, all -- we're going to make the cooldown on hearthstones 30 minutes when 3.1.0 releases. Enjoy your sweet victory. (Source)

Well, they finally fized it after all of these years. NERF SHAMAN!
hetto Hearthing nerfed in 3.1 (Note: Going in an instance and leaving the group to get teleported back to the Inn won't work anymore, it will only teleport you to the nearest graveyard)
We had a discussion with the developers about it this afternoon. Ghetto hearthing really has become a mechanic of sorts for so many players after being unchanged for so long. We don't like that mechanic though because it obviously feels like a bug exploit. They all agreed the best way to move forward on it is just to reduce the cooldown on the hearthstone.

HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY GHETTO HEARTH! I think Stormwind's normal player base will be nerfed as a result of less needing to ghetto hearth to SW

I promise you this change did not come as a result of us continually pestering them about the community's reaction. It was something we all discussed and agreed was probably a good decision.

Samuel ADAMS is probably a good decision. This sucks.
cialization price (1000 Gold)
We are okay with not everybody purchasing dual specs. If your respecs are few and far between, there isn't much of a reason for you to be switching back and forth and even picking up extra gear to fulfill other roles. There are a lot of players who do switch roles regularly, whether it is going from PvE to PvP or simply from one location to another in either area of the game, they may look to change their spec and this should help make this process easier.

You may end up losing money, but you are also gaining a large convenience if you are looking to switch between specs at any kind of regular rate. With 3.1 just hitting the PTR, there is a lot of time to do a handful of daily quests and to save up to purchase this. (Source)

Dual spec is a winner in my opinion. I will gladly pay the 1000 gold.ual Specialization at level 40 and high price
Dual specialization isn't something everyone needs. It's a perk we're adding into the game, and it's initially going to require an investment. If you can't afford dual specializations for 10 different characters, you might not actually need all 10 of your characters to be able to swap between two specializations on a whim.

With a single 5-second, out of combat cast, players level 40 or higher will instantly be able to swap between two different talent specializations, glyph sets, and action bar set-ups from virtually anywhere in the world.

That kind of convenience and versatility shouldn't be obtained with absolute triviality. (Source)

Switching specs
You literally just click a button, and after a 5 second cast, your specializations, glyphs, and action bars swap. You must be out of combat, and it still cannot be used in battlegrounds or arenas. There is currently no cooldown on the ability to swap specializations though. (Source)

Easy is just what the Doctor ordered. It better be for 1k.
1000 Gold at level 40???
Not many level 40 characters would have 1000g, to be sure. Keep in mind our original design intent was to make this available only to level 80 players. After taking in a lot of feedback from the community and further discussing the design of this feature, we decided to make it level 40.

The cost is a recognizable deterrent to players who are just starting out in World of Warcraft and reaching 40 for the first time. Those people probably shouldn't worry about swapping between two talent specializations though.

We still feel strongly that this feature isn't meant for players leveling up. It's simply not that necessary. We did consider the feedback from the community though concerning leveling alts and running dungeons, and ultimately decided to lower the level requirement so those who can afford it can still take advantage of it earlier on. It doesn't mean we're going to overcompensate for our original level requirement by making it much more easily attainable, and therefore necessary, at level 40. (Source)

I disagree. I would love this for leveling in dungeons. Then I can heal or DPS instead of just heal or just dps. More options keeps the game more fun.

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Anonymous said...

You don't need dual specs before 40, in fact I'd argue that you really don't need one spec below 40. You could have no glyphs or talents at 40 and the content is still pretty simple.