Friday, March 20, 2009

Sometime, Alts can complicate things

It was not that long ago that my Warrior was my only 80. When I had free playtime, it was basically all spent on him. I would do raids, dailies, fish, farm, the works. Now I have a level 80 Druid, and I want to do the same things.....but in the same amount of time with two toons.

For the casual player, it can be very difficult to balance time. I want Raid with both toons, but once again it come down to time. If I do Naxx with both toons, that basically wipe out a big chunk of my play time. OH decisions.

On my warrior, I still want to do Naxx 25 for some upgrades and get a shot to do EoE, which I have not yet done. I also want to fish up a bunch of Dragonfin Angelfish to sell buff food to the masses. On top of that, I want to go mine saronite for my Druid to prospect. The gems that I get will give me plenty of greens for the dailies as well as some blues to sell. I think you can pretty much sell any blue quality gem for a nice profit besides maybe the forrest emeralds.

On my Druid, I want to do any raid or Heroic because pretty much anything that drops at this point will be an upgrade (in Raids at least). I am also producing a lot of Gyphs for profit and cutting gems for the same reason. Thankfully on my Druid, much as I predicted, I have not had any difficulty getting into raids as a healer. We are always in high demand it would seem.

Eventually I will be bringing my Paladin up to 80 as well. My Paladin is a miner/herber with Epic flying. He was my main farming toon in BC, and will be once again once he hits the level cap. The only problem is that I will want to do Heroics and Raids with him as well, further muddying the waters.

Damn you all these alts. I guess I will just pretty much do what falls into my lap over the weekend. Perhaps I will start out producing glyphs, then switch to my Warrior and go into LFG for Raids, asking what they are in need of. If they need a tank or a healer, I know who to bring. In the mean time, I will likely farm saronite ore for the JC bussiness which is not near as dead as I thought it was.

Anyways, happy friday to all you blogoholics, and I hope you have a great weekend!


LarĂ­sa said...

I really can't understand how you can find all this gaming time to gear up several toons enough to go raiding... You must have succeeded very well in getting your gf involved...
Another thing: I've been thinking it for a while but haven't come around to say it to you: your link to my blog is kind of broken. There's something that goes wrong when you link to my blog the normal way, don't ask me why.

Use my feedburner address:
and it will work and update as it should. I feel so embarrassed whenever I see "updated 8 months ago"...

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I was always wondering what was wrong with it. It must have been something that happened when you switched from Larisa's corner to Pink Pigtail Inn.

As far as my fiance, I have gotten her to play a bit, but as she is not yet level cap, the raiding and stuff is on my own time. I am just very goal oriented :)

Syrana said...

Alts can definitely complicate things. I'll go in spurts of leveling alts.. I try to come up with a "toon rotation" so one is not getting more love than the other... doesn't work.

And right now, I'm hyperfocused on gearing up Syrana and getting rep, etc, that Aly is still halfway through 79, my DK is still 61, and the next highest is 40.

I think I need to take a week off work :P