Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update

The weekend in WoW was quite busy as per usual. Now for a look at the Weekends happenings, we send it over to Darraxus.

Raiding: I got Heroic and 10 man Vault out of the way pretty much immediately at the beggining of the weekend. Of course more crap dropped, but I got a few easy Emblems out of it at least. I have honestly not seen a Warrior drop (besides some PvP gloves that I already have) drop in a few months it seems.

I also got into a Heroic Naxx run over the weekend with a very nice and casual guild. They had already cleared Plague and Spider when I got there. We started on the Millitary quarter and had some problems. We wiped about twice on Razuvious before the Priests got the MCs down. I died on all three attempts as I would taunt him when both priests lost their MCs. Giant repair bills FTL. The biggest hurdle we had in the wing was surprisingly on the second boss. For some reason one side or another kept dying towards the end of the waves. I think we wiped about 6 or 7 times before we finally got it down. I passed on a Helm upgrade off of this boss (I was hoping when we got to Patch, I would win the shield if it dropped since I was the only tank with an actual Need roll left). We then went to the Horsemen and took it down in about 3 tries. Broken Promise dropped, but I once again passed as I wanted to save that need roll for the shield (and I am not a huge fan of slow tanking weapons).

We headed over to Patchwerk, and 2-3 wipes later that called it. DOH!!! The problem we were having on Patch was the healing. Somehow the healers basically let the Main Tank get gibbed right as he pulled Patch, which leads to a very slippery slope where melee dps are getting smacked left and right. The moral of the story is take what you can get. Of course, the first time my fiance wants to watch a raid, we wipe a bunch of times 0.o

Questing/Leveling: As per usual over the weekend I got some time to level with my fiance. We only did about 5 bubbles worth of questing, but that was OK. I also spent a decent amount of time on my Druid. I dinged 77 and 78 and now have my flight form again. As it stands now, I am about half through Dragonblight. I will have a ton of quests for gold when I hit 80 as I will still have a majority of the zones left (dual spec can't come fast enough, I hate doing weak DPS while questing). I am hoping to get at least another half of a level tonight. I finished the Wrathgate questline on my Druid and it is still a lot of fun. During the Battle of Undercity, I think I was doing like 6k DPS.

Professions/Farming: This is where the rest of in game time with my fiance was spent. She ran around leveling her herbalism and gave me the herbs to level my inscription. I also ran around gathering tons of herbs with my Pally. All said and done, I ended up at about 235 inscription by the end of the night. I have made several glyphs to put on the AH and even made my first Inscription discovery! I can see where Gevlon would be making tons of money with this profession. Some of the Glyphs sell very well, and the Ink actually sells for more that a stack of flowers does. Unfortunately, a lot of them are basically garbage but need to be made to give you points. People apparently just want to get rid of Glyphs and have no intention of making a profit. My fiance is now above 150 Herbing.

Miscellaneous: One thing of interest over the weekend was that my fiance ran into her first in game douchebag. She was running around Westfall gathering herbs when some Shaman says "Cleared the area for you, GTFO Noob". She was actually upset by this level 14 Shaman named Drkschocolate. I then taught her what the ignore list was for, followed by a friendly RP server name reporting :). She then decided on her own for of vengenance which consisted of picking every flower in Westfall so the aforementioned Douche would not get any.

Overall, it was a fun weekend as per usual. I will be glad once I get my Druid to 80 and start running Heroics. I already have 4 epics and blue BoE ilvl200 shoulder in my bank waiting for me to get there. Only thing I am having trouble deciding is if I should have a friend craft me the Titansteel Guardian, or I should just wait and try to get the War Mace of Unrequited Love from Heroic Nexus.

Hope you all had a fun and loot filled weekend.


Occeleta said...

We can run H. Nexus a few times first to see where your luck will be. Before wasting the mats on the craftable.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, it has less spellpower, but the other stats are much more healer oriented.

Syrana said...

Ah stupid lowbie arsehats. *shakes fist*

And a bummer you didn't get a shot at that shield this weekend.

Orgauth said...

Farm Nexus... Mace seems to drop every other run... Or I'm just *THAT* lucky...

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I am gonna be running a bunch of heroics anyways, so why not.