Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update

I had a very busy in WoW over the weekend. I had a case of attack of the alts. Ok, now lets get down to this WTFSpaghetti stlye.

WTF Spaghetti's 15 man Choir: ........... Shit I forgot to borrow his choir. Ummmm (shuffles feet). Look over there A SHINY!!!!!

Raids: There was not a ton of raiding going on over the weekend. I did exactly zero raids on my Warrior. I did get into a 25 man OS and a 25 man Archavon on my Druid however. OS 25 went down super easy. When the loot dropped, the caster trinket was in the loot. I roll an 82, which ties for the highest. Grats other guy! WTF? They looted the item to him with out a roll-off. It was picked up by a Boomkin who got hit by every single lava wave. Whatever, at least I got some emblems despite the fact I am still rocking a shitty green trinket. VoA went much better. I logged on, got an invite, go a summon, and we smashed Archavon to bits. To sweeten the deal, I nabbed my T 7.5 chest against two other resto druids. One of the resto druids only did 600 HPS for the fight. He was in pretty much 100 percent greens.

Also on the raiding front, I ended up leading my first Naxx 10. I more or less got thrown into leading it after the raid leader DCed and we lost some DPS. I refilled the spots and we got on our way. We ended up clearing both Spider and Plague wings without much trouble at all. Our biggest bane was AFKs. We probably spent half of the time AFK or waiting to replace someone who had to go.

Heroics: I ran a few Heroics over the weekend on my Druid. I ran VH twice, Utgarrde Keep, and Utgarrde Pinacle. Each run went pretty easy. I think we had one wipe the entire time, and it was on a trash pull where WAY too many mobs got pulled. I got some emblems (which are going towards a new trinket), epic wrists from VH, a ring, and a new helmet that has a meta gem slot and a regular gem slot. I am really enjoying running heroics. They are not incredibly difficult, and you can take them at a very nice pace. I may run some more tonight if I cant get into a Naxx 25 run of some sort.

Leveling: This seems to be what I did for a vast part of my weekend. I started off leveling the Paladin with my fiance on Friday night and Saturday morning. We quested in Howling Fjorde and gained a level and half (73 and half way through). I really love playing with her as she can find amusement in the little things. Unexpectedly, I picked up playing my DK again (GASP). I must say that I had an incredibly fun time with him and can do some awesome DPS for the level I am at. I specced him Unholy. I had not played him at all since 11/18/08, but yesterday I leveled him from 56 to half way through 60. I burned up all of his rested XP in the process, so he will likely get to sit for a while.

After that, I decided to give my Hunter a bit of love as well. I ran around Nagrand doing a bunch of the quests, and dinged 67 in about an hour. I considered pushing towards another level so I could take him to Northrend, but decided against it.

To top it off, my sister transfered her 75 pally to my server. It was me on my Paladin, her, a pally buddy healing, and two pugs headed into Old Kingdom. The run went very well with no wipes and only a few deaths. I destroyed the damage meter again to the tune of about 1350 DPS. I had people in my Raids and Heroics that were doing less damage at level 80.

Making Gold: I probably made about 2k gold over the weekend with very minimal effort at the Auction House. I sold a bunch of glyphs, some jewels, and a bunch of crytallized fire. One of my steals of the weekend was an epic tanking leg kit that someone put up for a 20 gold buyout. I snatched it up and reposted it for 220 gold. It sold this morning :) I made a bit of gold as well off of questing, doing the Oracle Dailies each day. The Oracle Dailies are boring, and I doubt I will ever do them again once I can get the egg (about two days worth of dailies away).

Hope you all had as good of a weekend as I did. May the loot be with you....always.


Fish said...

LOL its all relative I guess, 2k gold is all I have on one of my accounts. But the glyph market on my server is wonky.

Syrana said...

I can't bring myself to do many of the Oracle dailies now that I'm revered. But, I'll do the ones I find to be less ... annoying :P

Grats on the gear and yay for successes while leading! :)

thedoctor said...


Ahh Darraxus...all you had to do was ask for the choir...they travel and make guest apperances.

lol..too funny