Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My name is......

A bit late in reposting, but I was memed by Syrana to write about what my names mean. Being on an RP server, choosing a name is pretty much limited to something that is RPish. Anyways, here are mine. I will include my fiance's character as it actually has a funny story behind it.

Darraxus- I just thought this name sounded really cool. This was my first toon, and I did not want to regret my name. I had previously named some of my characters in other MMOs Darraxus. Someone once asked me if I was named after some paint ball company I had never heard Most of the time, people in game call me Darr.

Theladon- My Warlock. My fiance is studying to be a nurse. She was talking about some kind of anatomy (Thelamus or some such, I think part of the brain), and I though that it would be a cool WoW name. Of course when I created the character, I could not remember the actual name of it and ended up with Theladon.

Zurlock - Just a random RP name that I came up with that I thought sounded decently cool.

Rootmender - Druids are hippy tree huggers. I wanted mine to be a healer. He heals the roots and the Planet. Kinda like Captain Planet minus the fruity tights.

Durothos - My second character. I thought Durothos sounded very epic and Three Musketeers like (the books, not the candy bar). I originally RPed him as Darraxus' estranged father and gave him a bald head and gray hair to match. He later adopted red hair like Darraxus and an impressive handlebar mustache.

Crispee - A cute little gnome with a giant pink mohawk and biker beard. He is inclined to scorch you to death with fire, being a fire mage....hence Crispee.

Deathgorger - Kinda named after one of my favorite NPCs, Tobias the Filthgorger. I loved the quest where we brought him rotten eggs that made everyone throw up. Vomit FTW.

Daedasar - My never used Rogue. His name was a generated by smacking the random button a few times, then editing the name. I havent touched him since I stopped leveling him with my Druid.

Gurrtrude - My fiance's Druid. Whenever she would call her mom at work, she would change her voice and say her name was Gertrude (spelling wasnt available). Now every time, she calls her mom she says (in a deep voice), "Hey this is Gertrude". That is how she got her WoW name. She also made a little Gnome Warrior named Yowzaa. I thought that name was awesome as well.

In turn I tag Hudson , Occeleta , and Larisa .


Syrana said...

I don't know why, but I keep wanting to refer to you as Dax, even though I know that would be more like folding your name. xD

Pangoria Fallstar said...

>.> I always said his name was Draxxus, when I'd try to remember it, no wonder no one ever found his blog :(

I suck at names...

Darraxus said...

Some of my old school night crew call me Dax. Except Im way better than Dax Sheppard....that guy sucks at life.

@Pangoria: One of the guys I plau with comes up with the most god awful names including Grelnatz and Uuronoske. I just call him by his real name lol.

LarĂ­sa said...

OK, name post is ordered. I've prepared it, but I'll let it get mature over the weekend. It will be served at your special table in the inn on monday. See you then!