Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was not the most exciting weekend I have had in WoW, but I did get some things done and had some nice raid drama as well.

Leveling: I did a nice bit of questing with my fiance over the weekend. We both went and finished up Borean Tundra and got the achivement. In the process I hit 76 on my Druid. Right after we finished Borean, a friend invited us to do Heroic Magisters Terrace for the bird mount and the Phoenix Hatchling. I went pretty well although a few of the encounters can be stressful with just 3 toons going at it. My fiance did a very good job in the instance, and even managed to not die on Kael'Thas when he does the gravity lapse. After we downed him, he dropped the Phoenix Hatching which my fiance won.

After that we decided to head to Zul'Gurub for a shot at the Tiger and Raptor mounts. The Raptor boss went easy enough except for the part where he automatically kills you. That part kinda sucks. I did manage to die no a trash pull when I healing aggroed a bunch of trolls who trained me. The Tiger Boss was extremly easy and we had zero problems. Of course neither of the mounts dropped.

I am now leveling my Ret Paladin with my fiance as they are the same level and almost exactly the same amount of XP. We ended up only 1.5 bubbles from 72 after heading to Howling Fjorde and getting those quests started. I have noticed that stuff dies EXTREMLY fast with this combo.

Raiding: No Emblems for me this weekend, but there was some drama and me getting locked to Naxx 25 without killing a single boss. It went something like this. I put myself in LFG for Naxx 25 and get a whisper that a group is going to finish a partially cleared Naxx. They already have Plague and Abomination wings down. I get in the group and get summoned to Naxx. We get there and not everyone can get into the Raid. This is due to the fact that this was apparently a mostly guild raid that had been called previously and the 8 or so pugs that wanted to continue reformed.

The raid leader had been invited to the raid and saved just before they decided to call it, so he wanted to finish what he never really got to start. The reason that not everybody could get into the instance was that people from the previous run zoned in to sabotage the run as they wanted to clear it the following day. We tried 21 manning Anub and were doing just fine until a DK who was not in our raid wiped us when he taunted Anub during locust swarm and killed everyone. After much whinging and crying, the group ended up breaking up as the GMs "couldn't" kick the people that we causing problems and not even a part of the raid group.

So that is how I got saved to 25 man Naxx with nothing to show for it. Yay me.

Professions: This weekend was mostly about leveling my Jewelcrafting. It took quite a long time and costed me around 1500 gold, but I got to 428. I even got my first three JC daily tokens which I have not spent yet. It was a very long process, but overall I made a bit of the money back for various reasons. The biggest reason was that I was DEing pretty much everything that I made. The biggest surprise source of income was Strange Dust. I noticed that there was no Strange Dust on the AH and decided to throw some up for a grossly inflated sum. A stack was usually going for less that 4 gold. I sold several stacks between 20 and 25 gold each 0_0. Now comes the painful process of obtaining the JC patterns. Does anyone know what I should gem my Druid for at 80 with my prismatic gems? Is it spirit, intellect, mp5, or Spellpower? Next up will be inscription. Yay me.

I have some more play time tonight and will be working mosty on getting my Druid another level. I am really itching to get him into some Heroics. Overall, I had a pretty decent WoW weekend. Hope everyone else had a fun and loot filled weekend.


Fish said...

strange dust for 20g a stack!?!?!? I get like 2-3 for them and are happy (considering a stack costs normally less than a gold on my server,its not horrible).

Darraxus said...

Yeah thats what I was saying. I made between 200-300 gold on strange dust 0_0

Occeleta said...

Heh. Saved to Naxx25 with nothing to show for it is much much worse than doing a Naxx10 with a guild stepping in Naxx for the first. We at least downed 2 bosses and I got.... something out of it, I forget. And the satisfaction of knowing I seriously helped the guild progress thanks to having some experience in Naxx.