Thursday, March 26, 2009

PvP is three STD

Helping out my fiance with PvP has made me more or less realize some of the problems I have with it. Apparently, there are 65 percent less people doing arena now. I am one of them. Arena is for the flavors of the week at this point, and I dont happen to be any of those flavors. Since I have not run any arenas, this post is about some of the old school BGs and general PvP.

Burst Damage: Out of control comes to mind. You go anywhere without completely getting your face bashed in by 3 DKS and 2 Rogues. Notably, my fiance's Druid is only level 72, but still has little chance against World of Meleecraft. I ended up doing BGs for her last night because she felt "picked on". It probably has to do with the fact that a 72 Boomkin has the survivability of a Tauntaun in below freezing temperatures. It also has to do with the fact that by the time you cast a spell, you are dead. Most BGs go something like this. Run in. Charge up star fire. SAPPED. Whack, whack, whack, dead. Run in. Charge up star fire. Deathgrip, Icy chain, whack dead. Run in. Root. Broken by trinket. Root...pushback...pushback.....dead.

Rogues, Ret Paladins, and DKs have ridiculous burst capability thanks to the multitude of instant attack available to them. I pretty much have to hop that I can Typhoon them off of a cliff or something. It has gotten to the point where even playing her Boomkin, I have to resort to more of a support class, throwing out some heals and CC. If this was at 80, it would be a bit more even on the playing field. As it stands now, it is terrible.

Time Limits: This mostly goes for WSG. The system with AV and AB means that it can not last forever. WSG can, and does last forever. Several times yesterday, I got into a WSG while waiting for AV's 45 minute plus queue. Every single time, AV would pop before WSG was over. Most of the time it would be like 1-1. They really need to change WSG. There are two very easy things they could do to fix it.

1) Make Warsong Gulch on a thirty minute timer.

2) You can cap even if your opponent has your flag. You get credit for a cap when you return your own flag as well. Move it up to 4 flag caps to win.

Both of these seem like incredibly easy fixes that would make for more fun and dynamic gameplay. Turtles would not work. You have a time limit, so go do your thing.

Alternating Sides: This is something that I think would help in the name of balance. Instead of always starting on the same side, it should be random. This would make less issues with maps being "stacked" against a side. Perhaps this way, we could get Horde to actually play AV and Alliance could win an AB more than one out of 5 times. I think that it would be nice to see something a bit different from time to time.

Anyways, those are some of my ideas to fix PvP a bit. At the moment it feels very broken. Certain classes dominate while other suffer greatly. Lets get some balance.


Tom said...

Ah Daraxus.... You just don't go doing BG's at level 72. It's a waste of time.

Not only will you get more points at 80, you're sitting at the low end of the 70-79 bracket. It's going to be filled with people higher then your GF's toon and with better gear.

IF you're going to PvP before 80 do it at level 79 at least. Otherwise you're much better holding off and taking the time to level.

Occeleta said...

Oh no, no no no, no, no no, no. You just don't understand. She wants Black Ridiculous she gets Black Ridiculous. This isn't BG for the sake of PvP. This is to make his Fiance happy and get her what she wants as fast as possible to get her back to leveling. Same thing pretty much happened during her Gnomeregan rep grind.

Vads said...

I actually like the ideas for Warsong Gulch, I can't stand those 1 hour farm fests you might be unfortunate enough to join in on.

And yeah, dont know why this urge came to do BG at 72 but it certainly sounds like a rough ride regardless of role and skill. ;)

Darraxus said...

Well, what fiance wants, fiance gets. I dont want to do the BGs, but she want them like NOW.

thedoctor said...

lol @ Occeleta


I must say Darraxus, your title and that cat picture was enough for me to read that whole post. Win, win imo

Anonymous said...

Probably too late but I have to post on this one. I might be underpowered in BGs as a druid but I kicked ass in heals. Nobody ever heals in BGs at least on the Horde side. Druid BG heals are instant cast so you don't have to worry about getting whacked before you cast. Blend in with a bush or a warrior and you can even last a while. And if you don't everybody knows that they go after healers first, so its not your fault really.

Nobody has ever said negative about me, because they know they'd be dead without that lvl-72 rejuv on them.

I think Horde has less RL trolls then Alli though. For us, having low level guys in there makes it more interesting. Having an AV battle of 16-40, though - that sucks. I'll take 40 naked lvl 71 noobs to 10 whiny epic-geared 79's any day.

Anonymous said...

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