Friday, March 27, 2009

Trolls and You: Time to fight back


There are pretty much trolls and Assholes anywhere that the Greater Internet Dickwad Theory is applicable. This can be on a forum, blog, and even in game. There is really no reason to just be a complete douchebag in game...ever. Afterall, this is something that you do for leisure (I would hope). If you do not have something contructive to say about something, keep your mouth shut.

This post come on the heals of a text message from my fiance yesterday. She decided that she was going to play some WSG to work towards her Black Battle Strider. While running around, someone made a generally rude comment in chat. "If you are under 75 GET OUT of this battleground. Some people here want to win and not just easy marks".

First thing is, how can you make a generalization on someone based on level. I could bring my level 70 Warlock in there and mob the floor with half of the battle ground in that bracket.

Second, if you don't want to play with lower level toons, the YOU GET OUT OF THE BATTLEGROUND AND LEVEL YOU FUCKING TOON. Get to 80 and you are home free. You can play with all of the people your level that you want.

I was very proud of her reply to the troll. Her response was "If you spent as much time playing as you do bitching about the game, maybe we would be winning." This whole incident happened when she was the only person healing the flag carrier in her group. She was greatly discouraged by this person's rudeness. It is one of the reasons that she only like to play with me. While playing on her own, she has run into far too many douchebags who think they are UBER leet.

I am not as well spoken when it comes to BG trolls. I was playing a bit later in the evening, working towards the Battlestrider when someone in BG chat says "Get out and go level an alt". Someone else replied "Who". Troll replies, "Anyone who is 72 or under".

Of course, my neatly thought out retort, so carefully planned, turned into "Eat a bowl of dick". Did not hear from the troll for the rest of the BG.

I think it is time to start fighting back the trolls. Report them for every little thing. The only thing that may make them think twice about being a twat is the possibility of getting their account banned. There is not reason that anyone should be alienating new players. If you want to be a dick, go play Darkfall.

Oh, and as you can see by the picture, we got the Black Battlestrider. WSG was the most painful as we went 4-18 to get those 30 marks. This morning, my fiance told me it was destiny that she get the black battlestrider due to the pointy ears matching her pointy ears.
Sorry if this is a bit ranty. Just sick of people being dicks when there is no fear of retribution from a RL punch in the face.


Goshon said...

I can totally dig your frustration with this, and its probably one of the reasons my wife will not play, we've tried to get her to play over the years, but things like this always prevent that.

For one thing, I won't tolerate anyone speaking poorly to my wife, hell even the 4-5 year olds in the school where she teaches get me annoyed when she tells me of them being rude to her, so some dickbump in WoW is sure as shit going to get me irate. And the other thing, she won't take shit from anyone either, and by the time that we'd be done with a person I think we'd both be sitting on a 3 hour game suspension.

I'm sorry to see that you're woman's game time was soured by some angst-ridden, pubescent teen with a superiority complex in WSG. It sucks for you because as I've ready your blog, you did some work to get her in the game, and find her niche with it, hopefully she'll learn to ignore this shit (yeah I'm a hypocrite on this one cause I don't ignore any slight), and you and her game time can be spent with less frustration.

thedoctor said...

preach on brother Darraxus!


<3 Darraxus

Delos (Dave) said...

Heh, I think this XKCD comic is very appropriate here. So often people are giant douches because they know that the internet affords them anonymity.

When people in battlegrounds are like that I do the same thing, I'll say one thing to let them know that their viewpoint is not unopposed. However, I won't get into a flame war with them because it's only going to cause you more frustration than it's worth. Numbers at the end of the match always speak loud enough, and if they can't see that lowbies can help with a win, they aren't worth your time.

Darraxus said...

I let her know that the douchebags in BGs are the worst. She is actually at home doing some herbing as I speak. And we are going to do some leveling tonight. She likes the game, but doesnt want to go to a BG for a long time. Cant say I blame her.

Occeleta said...

She got her Black Battlestrider so she won't have to touch BGs for a long long time. So gratz on that.

Reminds me of when I was doing the same thing for the same thing with my hunter at lvl 43. Some jackass 5 levels above me would /tell me to "leave lowbie noob" throughout a match. A match where this "lowbie noob" outdamaged his @$$ by a longshot(and yes he was a lock, not some healer)

Fish said...

Grats to your woman, the best feeling in the world is having that perfect reply to the perfect dickhead move/comment at the perfect time.

I dont understand people getting so worked up about a game. Although I do think the jackass population is disproportionately higher in the pvp ranks.

Klepsacovic said...

It frustrates me endlessly that when dealing with trolls I cannot use appropriately rude words (since the banhammer had two faces), and so I am stuck trying to artfully reply, and then realize that it's all wasted on a troll.

I wish there was a "report asshole" feature. Gold spam seems to be way down, but asshole spam is higher than ever.

Vads said...

It takes a special kind of thick skin to endure /bg, I can't say I blame you or the lady for feeling lost for words.

I try to limit my involvement in chat to things relevant to the game such as reporting incomings here and there or asking for backup.

When the QQ gets too strong I may drop a line suggesting that if the whiners actually play a bit instead of sitting on their butts crying we might actually get somewhere.

Sometimes it works, sometimes not but whatever you do, never reply directly to them. The rule meant for quite different cases goes here too, don't encourage them!

Syrana said...

It sucks to know we can't shield our loved ones from such behavior. I know I was very concerned about my parents getting turned away from the game due to trolls, so I told them to never accept group invites, etc, from anyone other than our guild. However, my mother is a fearless pugger and doesn't seem to run into many asses, which is good.

I've encountered plenty, especially in BGs. Sometimes I have great responses that echo the sentiments of many others in the raid and sometimes... I don't have anything to say and just ignore the chat.

What I really can't stand, are the troll responses to in-game recruitment ads. "lolwut u want app 4 giuld? it not job"

Ixobelle said...

eat a bowl of dick is the showstopper ;)

here's another good one that I actually screenshotted:


Kusamoto said...

Agreed. "Eat a bowl of dick" is now part of my gamer vocabulary. Gave me a really good laugh on Friday right as I was leaving work. Good way to start the weekend.

This is why I don't BG anymore. Wastes of valuable oxygen like that and twink gnome mages made it no fun fast.