Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jewel Crafting Daily Quick Tips, and other Misc.

I have been doing the JC daily pretty much every day since it has become available. These are incredibly easy and just take a bit of flight time. Being that my Resto Druid is a JC, I prefer a lower level mob to kill so that it doesnt take as long and there is less risk of aggroing additional baddies.

Kill a Vrykul for their stuff: One of the dailies has you go and kill a vrykul for an item. This works on any Vrykul at all. I prefer to fly over to Valgarde keep in Howling Fjorde and just fly across the little river and blast the guys chopping at the trees. These guys are level 68-70 and go down very quickly. The hardest part of this quest is the length of the flight.

Kill a Scourge for their stuff: This daily has you kill some scourge for their curio. I have found that the easiest place for me to go is the Keep in Dragonblight. From there, you just run outside the gates and kill one of the little dudes with the gimp mask on. Zeds dead baby, Zeds dead.

Kill a Proto Drake for their stuff: This quest asks you to kill a Protodrake for its, not that bone. I have found that the easiest place to do this, is by flying out to Westguard Keep in Howling Fjorde. You then fly out to the burning area right outside of town and smash one of the baby proto drakes like you are the Hulk. Once again, the hardest part is the flight.

Kill a Remnant for their Stuff: For me, the easiest place to fly to is Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight. Slightly easy of the temple is a small frozen lake with remnants on it. If you are still doing Hodir dailies, and happen to pick this one up, I would recommend just getting it from the Remnants that you need to kill for Hot and Cold.

All of these dailies are incredibly easy and just take a bit of flying time.

News on the Incription front (aka the other Misc. from the title, DUH): I worked on my incription a bit more last night and got it up to about 330. I bought all of the mats and I am still at least breaking even selling the glyphs I make (would be ahead if more were selling). Right now I am working on outlands herbs which are thankfully pretty cheap coming in usually under 10 gold per stack of herbs. I will just buy the herbs until I get to 400 inscription and can get my shoulder enchants.

Looking at inscription, I can see where in about an hour, you could make a lot of money. Look at the glyphs you can make, find out what sells well and isnt already flooding the auction house. Make a few and sell them for a nice profit. I can also see where you could make a nice chunk of money by milling your herbs and just selling the ink you make from it.


Isa said...

I don't think I go to any of the same spots as you :) I generally prefer to go to the closest location to Dalaran and not worry about mob levels.

Vyrkul: I usually go to Jotunheim in Icecrown, especially while I still have Ebon Blade rep to earn. You can knock out the EB daily where you stick banners in dead Vyrkul at the same time.

Scourge: This is pretty random for me but again, I usually go to Icecrown; you can probably slow fall from Dalaran into the first part of Icecrown where there are some Aboms and skeletons, it's that close. If the other dailies I'm doing are going to take me over a Scourge area though, I'll just do it wherever.

Proto Drake: Mostly I kill the baby drakes in their nests in Storm Peaks, they are close to Dalaran and extremely easy to kill. Definitely did this when I was also doing Hodir dailies. When I was doing Oracle rep still, I often killed the ones in the north of Sholazar.

Revenant: If I was still doing Hodir dailies, I just killed the ones there. Now I go to the Frostmourne cavern in northern Dragonblight.

Iron Dwarves: I go to the cave near Frosthold and kill the ones there; when I was doing Hodir dailies I would gamble on getting a drop from one of the ones I killed while doing the spirit worg daily.

Shoveltusk: No close options here, I go to far eastern Grizzly Hills, but only because I love the zone music and take any excuse I can get to go there. It's probably faster to go to Howling Fjord, they're all over the place there.

Darraxus said...

I have yet to do the Iron Dwarf one yet, but for the Shoveltusk one, I also fly to Westguard Keep and run out the front door. There is usually a pack just waiting to be killed in the name of bling.

Hatch said...

I usually use the same spots as Isa as well. Icecrown for Vykrul and Scourge, Storm Peaks for Iron Dwarves, Dragonblight for Revenenants.

The really problematic ones are the drakes and the shoveltusk. You basically have to fly out to GH or HF for shoveltusks. For drakes, Storm Peaks is great unless you play a class like a rogue with limited ranged attacks. Then it is quite difficult to pull and kill those big blue drakes. Instead, I fly over to the burned-out area in Sholozar Basin.

Happy hunting!

Occeleta said...

yeah, I almost do the same as Isa. But they are definately more for the non-hippy huggin trees. Vrykul and scourge however I hit the Storm Peaks spot with the plagued proto-drake eggs. As the scourge curio drops fr the nascents, drop rate isn't as hot but I look past that with the grey item that is a 100% drop and sells for a nice chunk profit.

As for the drake one, Isa is talking about all the little baby ones in the nests just above the Bruunhilde place. There's usually 4-5 per nest and is an easy clear