Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update

( I googled PvP and I found this picture....go go HUNTARS)

Had another busy weekend in WoW. Hard to find time these days too get everything done that I want to do, but damn it I am trying :) . On with the WoW talk.

Raiding: I got in a bunch of raiding over the weekend, though not a whole lot on my warrior. Darraxus only managed to get into a VoA25, and nothing useful dropped....again. I did snag two more emblems which gave me enought to purchase the tanking ring. On my Druid, it was all about the Raids this weekend. I started out by getting into a Naxx 10 that only had KT left. It was for a guild that was going for its first ever full clear. It took us 4 tries. This is how it basically went the first three tries. Phase one starts.....stuff coming towards us. Tanks picking up baddies, ranged killing Banshees. Me healing. Me dead as a tank did not pick up an Abom and it one shotted me. I got one shotted by an Abom three times before I actually made it out of phase 1. The phrase "tank your shit" comes to mind.

The 4th try, they miraculously picked up what needed to be picked up and I made it to phase 2. Once I made it to phase two, it was easy mode from there. No problems at all. It was cool to be on a guild's first clear as they were very excited and cheering in vent after it went down.

Next up for me was Naxx 25. It was with a guild I had previously run with on my warrior. They had cleared everything but Construct and Frostwyrm. When I got there, we ended up two shotting Patchwerk. This was my first 25 man boss kill on my Druid. We then moved to Grobbulus and two shotted him once people figured out how to now be retarded. I picked up a super hot healing trinket with 111 spell power and a nice direct heal proc that puts a HoT on who you healed. Very nice. We move on the Gluth and two shotted him as well. Weird thing in this fight is that during our first try, decimate killed pretty much everyone. It hit most of the raid for exactly the amount of raid buffed HP they had. Seemed very odd.

After Gluth, they decided to call it a night. From there I went to a mostly uneventful VoA 10 where I got my two emblems and nothing else.

The next evening when I logged on, the same guild was looking for people to finish up Naxx so I hopped on my healer and we got to it. We went and three shotted Thaddius once people figured out how to not get killed by charges. From there, we went to Sapphiron and one shotted him. We gave KT two tries due to the time. We got him to 12 percent the first time, and I killed us the second time by chain ice blocking another healer. DOH.

Later in the evening, I also got into a PuG OS 25 on my healer. We mowed through it pretty easily and I got my 4 emblems and zero loot. There was almost some loot drama as the raid leader lost the roll on the T 7.5 gloves and asked to buy them from the winner of the roll. Of course the winner said "no". The raid leader then grumbled something about giving it to "shitty dps" and took forever before master looting it to the hunter.

A few odd observations for as far as raiding goes. I still have not even run a Heroic on my Druid. Not a single one. Despite this, I have been top two in healing for every raid I have been in. Also, I seem to have gotten dumber on my healer, doing things on my Druid that never happened on my Warrior. This included dieing on the Heigan dance, getting killed by the Frogger boss, and missing my first jump on Thaddius :)

Questing: I finally got around to finishing up Scholazar Basin on Darraxus for the achievement. This included soloing "A Heroes Burden" and choosing the Oracles as my faction. Im trying to get to revered ASAP so that I can pick up my egg and start hoping for fun stuff. Being a pet collector, the egg is a nice source of pets as well as a chance to pick up the green protodrake. Yay, another set of dailies. The only two zones I have left to finish questing in for achivements at this point are Zul Drak and Ice Crown, both of which are partially done.

PvP: GASP! Yes, I actually did a decent amount of PvP over the weekend. First, I did my first two Wintergrasp Raids. One on my Warrior and one on my Druid. These are incredibly fun and a great source of honor. We won both raids and I got several achivements along the way. The main reason I did so much PvP over the weekend is my fiance. She has decided that she wasnt the Black Battlestrider...or "Black Ridiculous" as she calls it. Despite the fact that we already ground out Gnomer rep so that she could get the other ones..../facepalm.

I decided I would bring my 72 Pally along to give her a hand in being slaughtered. We did a few of each battleground, and it made me realize why I have not PvPed much this expansion. It makes me see red. The burst damage is ridiculous, and being level 72 certainly did not help. Have I mentioned how much I hate me some DKs in PvP? I am glad the nerf bat is coming.

Overall, my fiance did not care too much for PvP because she always felt picked on (level 72 Doomchicken is very noticeable Doomchicken). Despite this, she is determined to get her Ridiculous. We are about a third of the way there at this point. During all of this PvP we both got a whole bunch of achivements. One of the more impressive ones we got was the Alterac Valley Perfection Achievement.

For the most part, she held her own. Despite not caring for it, she actually got into it and enjoyed the opportunities that she had to blast people with pew pew Owl lazers.

I will be so glad when she is done getting that mount so that I do not have to step back into another BG for a while. If we actually get some play time, she should have it by the end of the week, then we can actually start leveling again.

Misc: Apparently, Scarlet Crusade is the cool kids server. Two people from my server have had in-game things named for them. There is Breanni the pet dealer in Dalaran. Now there is a resto druid chest dedicated to Phaelia of Resto4Life and her budding seed. I knew there was a reason I rolled SC (because it was the recommended RP server 4 years ago 0_0).

Hope you all had a great and loot filled weekend!


Occeleta said...

If my memory serves me right, I do believe I suggested going the PvP route for the "Black Ridiculous" when she first started that crazy rep grind for that Mechanostrider.

Darraxus said...

I know, but regardless, she would have wanted the other ones as well, so I would have had to do both anyways 0_0