Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patch 4.2 So Far

Ok, well the patch is brand new and I just have a few observations.

1) The new firelands questline was pretty cool. It is nice to have a few new dailies. I am going to need to get some of my other characters up to the regrowth in Hyjal

2) I should have stockpiled more. I actually would have it my materials werent already flying off the shelf every single day. I ran out of Inferno Rubies within two hours of logging on. I am running low on ember topaz. All other gems I am doing ok on. Unforunately, elementium ore is being listed at 75 gold a pop at the moment, which is above what I am actually willing to pay.

3) Gem prices are already starting to slowly creep down. Strike while the Iron is hot.

4) It is nice to be able to pick up some decent epic gear. I grabbed my T11 legs and gloves on Darraxus. I also got the epic quest cloak, so three nice upgrades in a very short time.

What have been your impressions so far?


Anonymous said...

I haven't even had a chance to check out the new questlines, but the raid is impressive. Everything is so monumentally huge. The spider boss is a really fun fight.

Vordan said...

I made like 18k in a few days on vord after patch, once I get the internet on 6th Ill be doing twice as much I did without stable internet. Im looking forward to it. Also I made a new dk on Diremaul or whatever server, first drop from a single mob was the epic take problem solved for now. God I love it.

Nev said...

My server is still asleep! I started with only 120ish inferno rubies - still got 80 2 days into patch. Ember topaz & demonseyes are selling well though. I have about 5k elementium ore stashed but I'm going to make enchanting mats rather than gems - I seem to be the only one doing the cloak +50 crit at the moment & I've emptied the AH of Celestials! lol Makes me wish I hadn't put all my carnelians into infernos!

Darraxus said...

@ Nev: The people in the JC market has gotten insane and most gem prices are back down to pre patch. I did snatch up a bunch of elementium ore for 29-35 gold yesterday though ")

I am anticipating a very high selling weekend since this is the first playing time for the weekend warriors since the patch.