Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diablo 3 classes if they were from movies.....

Barbarian: Gotta go with Arnold from Conan the Barbarian....he looks like he want to whirlwind some shit.

Demon Hunter: Gotta go with Orlando Bloom as Legolas from Lotr. He seems emo enough plus the bow work.

Wizard: This one is a bit difficult for me to figure out....the Wizard looks fairly young in D3. How about Julian Sands from Warlock.

Witch Doctor: For the Witch Doctor, I thought the main bad guy from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom would be perfect.

The Monk: I found that this one was quite hard to come up with a good one. I ended up going with the version of Chuck Norris from Way of the Dragon

What would be your choices to play the character classes from D3?

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Bearness said...

I'm not a fan of him, but I guess David Carradine could be Diablo's version of monk. He just needs to shave his head.

For Wiz, since he/she looks a little younger, maybe one of those kids from Harry Potter can play them. I think they had some Asians in the movie...